IOP Gears Up for Election Day with Special Events


Election day is almost here, and the IOP is hosting a few events this week to gear up for November 7. While we can't all celebrate election night at the IOP, these events beforehand are open to all undergraduates.

IOPresidential (Mock) Debate

Thursday, November 1, Emerson 305, 7 p.m.

Elections are a frenzy of incensed discussions around campus as political differences come to a head. For those who want more, the IOP Special Events Committee is hosting its own mock presidential debate that features three candidates and their respective teams. The event will also feature food from Chutney's.

LOLitics: A Night of Comedy

Friday, November 2, JFK Jr. Forum, 7-9 p.m.

If you don't have the time to watch SNL poke fun at politics, check out this event, featuring three Harvard comedy groups. We'll see if On Thin Ice, On Harvard Time, and Three Letter Acronym will bring the much needed laughs.

Get Out the Vote in Allston

Saturday, November 3 - Monday, November 5

On a more serious note, the IOP is reaching out to residents of Ward 22, Precinct 1, in nearby Allston, and making it their mission to get people to the polls this election day. The Community Action Committee has been assigned over 850 doors to visit. Volunteers can sign up here.

CORRECTION: Nov. 1, 2012

A previous version of this post said that "40 millionĀ registered voters in Allston did not vote in 2010." This is clearly incorrect and hence has been deleted!

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