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It Takes Two: Aron Zingman and Jackie E. Stenson

Aron Zingman and Jackie E. Stenson, co-tutors in Cabot House, have been dating for the last two and a half years. Last summer, they took a two and a half-week motorcycle road trip together, traversing Scandinavia’s harsh terrain.

Venn Diagram: No Shave November and National Novel Writing Month

Both: Sometimes done with a group, Product comes from within...

Lecture Explores Inequality in Brazil

Students and faculty packed into the Belfer Case Study Room on Friday to hear about inequality in post-abolition Brazil from Brodwyn Fischer, a history professor at Northwestern University. The event, titled “Poverty, Social Intimacy, and the Politics of Inequality in Post-Abolition Brazil,” focused on the historiography of a city in Brazil called Recife.

IOP Gears Up for Election Day with Special Events

Election day is almost here, and the IOP is hosting a few events this week to gear up for November 7. While we can't all celebrate election night at the IOP, these events beforehand are open to all undergraduates.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Some people distract themselves from heavy workloads by taking a walk, others de-stress by eating, while still others spend hours looking up cute pictures of animals on the internet. Winthrop tutor Wendi X. Zhang is now making it easier for everyone to procrastinate with a new tumblr dedicated to her beloved corgis, Fizzy and Chief.

Outings and Innings Offers Cheaper Movie Tickets

Still miffed about the closing of the AMC Loews Harvard Square 5 back in July? Harvard's Outings & Innings office can help ease the pain of that five-mile trek to the AMC Boston Common 19 with their reduced-price movie tickets.