It's hard to say for sure which House has won Christmas this year. Eliot and Pfoho wowed judges with draped Christmas lights, and Quincy proved to be a real charmer with hand-cut paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and a blow-up penguin near the entrance. Currier put up a modest tree, dwarfed perhaps by its massive rooted mascot. (One hesitates to say that Currier's poor Christmas decoration performance is purposefully protesting the deaths of so many of its pine-y brethren.) As part of our own effort to dole out the holiday cheer, Flyby's giving awards to the best Houses in each category.

The Charlie Brown Award

Leverett House takes the twig for least extravagant Christmas tree. No more than seven feet tall, this fake tree does little to lift the mood of exam-crazed bunnies.

Bigger is Better

Dunster wins for biggest Christmas tree. The tree beats Adams' by a small margin, mainly because of the antlers on top. (T'was the night before finals, all studying has ceased, every student's out streaking, even the meese.)

The Scrooge Award

You're a mean one, Mr. Mather. Your D-hall's just no fun. The Mather Christmas tree was spotted behind caution tape on Tuesday—are they trying to cancel Christmas?

Most Festive Ambiance

Winthrop decked its halls with boughs of real holly and wreaths, contributing to the cozy atmosphere of its somewhat submerged eating area. Eliot, too, created an amiable atmosphere with its enormous wreath, paper stars, and artfully draped lights.

Come One, Come All Welcoming Award

Kirkland has a kinara for Kwanzaa in addition to a menorah for Hanukkah. Lowell tastefully addressed two of the holidays with a modest tree and an overcompensating menorah. Exactly half of the Houses have decorations for Hanukkah, even if they're just window stickies of menorahs and Stars of David (we're looking at you, Cabot).