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College Unveils Social Distancing and Discipline ‘Compact’ for On-Campus Students

As Harvard prepares to welcome first-year students and a select group of upperclassmen to campus, the Dean of Students Office unveiled its “residential community compact” — a list of guidelines those residing on campus in the fall must follow.

For Some Low-Income Students, Harvard Plan Presents a Fall Semester They Can ‘Barely Afford’

In the aftermath of Harvard College’s fall planning announcement, undergraduates have agitated against Harvard’s decision to maintain tuition rates for its now entirely remote course offerings and have charged the College with failing to support low-income students.

Harvard Undergraduates Concerned Over Storage Plans Ahead of Fall Semester

Many Harvard undergraduates say they are concerned about their belongings stored with Olympia Moving and Storage after the University’s Monday announcement that only incoming freshmen and a group of approved upperclassmen would return to campus for the fall semester.

Student Focus Group Instructed to Assume Harvard Will Bring Up to 40 Percent of Undergraduates Back in the Fall

Undergraduates who return to campus may have to form self-contained social “pods,” submit to regular testing, and face discipline for breaking Harvard College social distancing rules, according to students who attended focus groups this week.

College Announces New Faculty Deans in Five Houses

Dean of Harvard College Rakesh Khurana announced that five new faculty deans will join Cabot House, Eliot House, Kirkland House, Quincy House, and Winthrop House beginning July 1 in Thursday emails to affiliates of those Houses.

Harvard College Holds Vigil for Victims of Racial Violence and Police Brutality

Harvard College held a vigil Thursday night to honor the memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the untold number of victims of racial violence and police brutality.

Eliot Dining Hall

Eliot Dining Hall, known for its large windows and beautiful architecture, is mostly empty of students during Sunday morning brunch, depicting the potential implications of social distancing guidelines.

‘A Ghost Town’: Harvard's Resident Tutors Cope with Changing Roles, Empty Houses

Since students’ departure, House resident tutors have balanced their responsibilities for their students, Houses, and jobs — all the while taking care of themselves in the middle of an unprecedented time in the history of Harvard’s campus.

College Opens Petition for On-Campus Students to Remain in Housing Over Summer

After Harvard cancelled summer programming and as uncertainty about future semesters looms, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana outlined the process by which students may petition for summer housing in a Friday interview.

HUDS to Halt Cooking in Dining Halls, DSO to Offer ‘Extremely Limited’ Summer Housing

Harvard University Dining Services will replace meals cooked in-house with pre-made and packaged food items, the Dean of Students Office announced Monday.

Harvard Freshmen Disappointed Over Delay in Housing Assignments

Harvard freshmen expressed disappointment and frustration Thursday after their House assignments were delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

House Move Out Prep

Cars and moving trucks pass through Harvard Yard as students try to make preparations for Sunday's move-out deadline.

Harvard College Annual Housing Day Indefinitely Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Harvard College will indefinitely postpone Housing Day — an annual tradition in which freshmen students are assigned to an upperclassmen house — to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar Michael P. Burke wrote in an email to students Monday.

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