1. Cultural Rhythms is finally upon us. Brace yourself for a cultural sojourn in Sanders, all in less than two hours. Oh, and some guy named John Legend will be there. You might have heard of him.

2. Conflict continues to ravage Syria, and the death toll is growing each day. The Red Cross has finally started to evacuate women and children, and we're still waiting on more foreign intervention.

3. Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation recently opened an event raffle for its launch. Tickets are being raffled off for the entire college—five from the HGSE and an undisclosed number from the UC. Willy Wonka, much?

4. Has the Linsanity finally ended? The Knicks lost on Thursday to the Miami Heat.

5. Freshmen: Look out for the new Housing Day videos coming out soon, but don't forget about the classics.

6. President Obama sang alongside Mick Jagger and B.B. King this week. Rumor has it he'll be featured on Ke$ha's next single, "In My Oval Office".

7. If you've visited any Google-owned site recently, you've surely noticed their attempts to inform you of certain policy changes. The new plan aims to merge all online activity, from searches on Google to videos watched on YouTube, into a single online profile for each user. Yeah, we're scared too.

8. Sasha Baron Cohen will attend the Oscars as his new character, Dictator Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen. Hollywood is abuzz with talks of impending controversy. For those of you who miss Cohen's older days, Ali-G spoke during class day at Harvard back in 2004.

9. Three weight-loss drugs have been resubmitted to FDA for approval. Historically, it has been notoriously difficult to garner approval for these sorts of drugs because of their negative side effects. Is this America's last hurrah in the war on obesity?

10. Remember a few years ago when Iran was going loko with their race for nuclear arms? Well, the loko is back. The country has increased production of high-grade uranium, the key ingredient necessary for the production of nuclear arms.