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HSA Offering Free TV Through Sunday

Congratulations! You made it through another semester, balancing yet again a crazy course load, extracurriculars, and the occasional socializing. And, now that reading period has officially descended upon us, procrastination will, without doubt, become even more evident. And what the hell, you deserve to relax!

Zuckerberg's Emails Released Due to More Legal Drama

Paul D. Ceglia, an entrepreneur who claims that he invested $1,000 to help get Facebook off the ground and was offered half of the website's future shares in return, filed a lawsuit in 2010 against Mark E. Zuckerberg with alleged email exchanges as proof. Zuckerberg's lawyers, in return, recently released emails that the famous Harvard-dropout wrote during his time in Cambridge in an attempt to disprove these claims.

Sex Week, YardFest, and the Possibility of Snow

1. Harvard's inaugural sex week has just ended. Did you learn any new tricks, or maybe discover a new fetish? Or is your sex life still the last thing on your to-do list? If so, get out there this weekend and cross it off. 2. Reflect. Reading period begins in less than a month, so what have you done this semester? Have those grandiose goals been accomplished, or have they been thrown into your overflowing laundry basket? 3. President Obama is finally considering repealing tax benefits to oil companies. Why? He thinks their $4 billion—yes, billion—in annual profits justifies shifting these tax benefits into more research for cleaner alternative fuels.

Weight Loss Drugs, Google, and More of Obama Singing

1. Cultural Rhythms is finally upon us. Brace yourself for a cultural sojourn in Sanders, all in less than two hours. Oh, and some guy named John Legend will be there. You may have heard of him.

Lady Gaga, FBI Files, and Obama Shooting Marshmallows

1. With Facebook going public soon, Lady Gaga wants in on the action. She's created her own social media site named "Little Monsters," aimed at consolidating her fanbase—which is certainly large, considering she has 19 million followers on Twitter. 2. Speaking of Facebook, Mark E. Zuckerberg raised eyebrows this week by appearing to endorse Mitt Romney. The catch? Zuckerberg actually just "liked" a post written by Slate's Farhad Manjoo, which read, "Just try looking at the Romney logo without seeing MONEY." #failbook 3. Meanwhile, the FBI just released Steve Jobs's file. Any interesting finds? Not really, aside from his past drug use and tendency to "distort reality."