It's a Beautiful Day... To Study?

Visitors making their way through Harvard's campus over the last few days have witnessed the full extent of Harvard's beauty. Some might think it's commonplace for students to cheerfully bask in the warmth. Little do they know of the dreary grey pall that seems to envelop Cambridge from November to March.

Picturesque days like these, when students sprawl out in the Yard to sunbathe and attempt to read for class, are precious because of their scarcity. Tragically, these days seem to return to us at the busiest times of year, as final projects, papers, and exams loom just beyond the sunny horizon. To help you concentrate on work amidst these unbearably wonderful days, we brainstormed a few ideas to keep you focused when all you want to do is toss around a Frisbee, chat with friends, and observe the hoards of tourists roaming aimlessly in the Yard.

1. Take Breaks. Resisting nature is an uphill battle. Make a schedule and reward yourself for hard work with 15-minute jaunts in the Yard or by the river. If you find yourself staring longingly at Facebook photos, take a break. No need to deprive yourself completely of some much-needed Vitamin D.

2. Find strength in numbers. Get some friends together and head to Lamont. You may not be able to resist the sunshine on your own, but finding a group to work with you will provide solidarity.

3. Make your own weather. While it may be gorgeous outside, if you shut your blinds and turn on some rain sounds, maybe you can fool yourself into thinking it is torrentially pouring outside.

4. Find a happy medium. Park yourself next to a big sunny window, so you reap all the benefits of the sunshine without the hubbub of the great outdoors. Try snagging one of the small tables in the Quincy dining hall or the comfy chairs in Ticknor Lounge.

5. Can't fight it? Embrace it. Get outside, throw on some headphones to ward off friends, and seclude yourself in a sunny spot to do your work while enjoying the weather.

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