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It's a Beautiful Day... To Study?

Visitors making their way through Harvard's campus over the last few days have witnessed the full extent of Harvard's beauty. Some might think it's commonplace for students to cheerfully bask in the warmth. Little do they know of the dreary grey pall that seems to envelop Cambridge from November to March.

How to Make Seniors Live in Old Quincy

The renovations of Old Quincy offered rising upperclassmen everything that administrators could imagine, but Quincy students have made their housing priorities quite clear: P.O.E. (parties over everything). Upperclassmen seem to be more concerned with their ability to host large parties in common spaces than with the new furnishings that enhance and beautify the renovated dorm. Even though Old Quincy has been completely renovated, even seniors don’t really want to live there. With this in mind, is there anything else that the administration can do or offer to entice students to flock to the new Old Quincy? We at Flyby had a few ideas:

Scene and Heard: FM Attend Sex Weekend

After the resounding success of the now annual Harvard Sex Week, Sexual Health Education & Advocacy Throughout Harvard College, the organizers behind the event, decided that conversations about Sex should not be limited to the fall semester. Hence, Harvard’s first annual Sex Weekend; Not an average weekend for the most social of undergrads, but rather a weekend-long series of discussion about all things related to the topics of sex and gender on Harvard’s campus. FM took a look at two events on opposite sides of the gender discussion spectrum: bros and feminists.

'Till the Break of Dawn

Some students are natural early-risers who awaken at dawn. Others are night owls who never hit their mattresses earlier than 2 a.m. Both types of students will miss out on a time of day that could have much to offer. What happens on campus in the wee hours of the morning: the twilight times post 2 a.m. and the rosy sunrise hours around 6 a.m.? FM investigates.