It's The Last Full Week Of Classes (Yes, Really)

By Eric Ouyang

Attention: we are in the midst of the last full week of classes of this semester. No, really. I have proof. With Thanksgiving and reading period to look forward to, just one week lies between you and having Harvard’s permission to do what you have spent the semester doing anyway — not attending the entire week’s worth of classes.

This final week brings some bittersweet last opportunities, and here’s how to make the most of them.

Attend all of your classes
Need motivation? Harvard may have just installed a video camera at your specific seat to monitor how often you and you alone show up to class.

Admit that you have a crush on your TF 
Maybe you shouldn’t admit it to your TF, but it’s about time that you admitted it to yourself.

Go to office hours
Pros: you might learn something, and you might even make new friends. Cons: you probably won’t learn anything, and you definitely won’t make any friends. Reality check: go for the recommendation letter. It will help you get a job in consulting one day.

Do your assigned readings
Just kidding. Don’t do your assigned readings. You’ve gotten this far in the semester without cracking open a single book, so why start now?

Happy class-attending, Harvard!

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