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Alex Krieger

For Alex Krieger, architecture is personal. "It’s kind of nice to know that you helped improve the well being of a bunch of people, whether it’s a health care building, or a promenade, or a modest center for a private school in Cambridge," he says.

Here's the Story...

But the plots, the theme song, and the characters were not, in retrospect, the real reasons I tuned in, nor were the fashion and lingo of the 1970s the show’s main draws. It was the fullness of the family that pulled me in, rerun after rerun, in my afternoons after elementary school.

Emily B. Zauzmer meets Barry Williams.

Emily B. Zauzmer meets Barry Williams, the actor who played Greg Brady on "The Brady Bunch," at his show in Branson, Missouri, in August 2015.

A War Apart: Syrians at Harvard

Many of Harvard’s schools, including the College, report that none of their students list Syria as their primary country of citizenship. But the records do not account for students of Syrian origin with other legal statuses or citizenships, and they do not consider faculty or visiting scholars. These Harvard affiliates’ lives, families, and identities have been directly, irrevocably impacted by the Syrian crisis.

The Best Vibrations

I chat with Mike Love, the smashingly successful, historically polarizing lead singer of The Beach Boys. To my delight, he begins to sing the chorus of one of his most iconic hits, a tune that he has crooned thousands of times for crowds far larger than his current audience of one: “I'm pickin’ up good vibrations. She's giving me excitations."

Endpaper: All that Glitters Is Not Gold

Many little kids fantasize about their eventual romances and weddings, but between my inability to sleep and my unfettered imagination, my musings about my personal Prince Charming became far more specific than most.

Love It: The World's Only Curious George Store

Wedged triangularly at the intersection of JFK and Brattle, The Curious George Store boasts that it is the world’s only store of its kind. That is a shame. We need more Curious George Stores in this world.