Name Sleuthing 101

Was it Fast? Feast? Faust?
Was it Fast? Feast? Faust? By Zorigoo Tugsbayar

We've all got those few people we’ve met multiple times, actually gotten to know, but somehow not quite managed to remember their names. Awkward. Being a good name sleuth is key to a successful four years at Harvard. How else are you going to hook Mr. or Ms. Right, or network your way to the top? Luckily we're here to help you out!

A Starbucks Outing
There’s no better place! Your friend has to say their name to place an order. If you happen to miss it at the register--Do you ever listen? Are you even listening to us now?!–keep your ears open at the pick-up counter when the barista calls with the order. It’s a simple yet subtle way of scoring that name. If you’re going off the barista’s spelling on the cup, however, be ready to problem solve--Michelle is likely not “Missle.”

The Harvard College Facebook
Do you know ANYTHING about the person at all? Dorm/House? Concentration? Please maybe at least class year? Populate the data you have and go go go! Depending on how much you already know, you may have as few as 10 potential targets (perhaps your person of interest is a Folk & Myth concentrator) or 1600 (really, all you know is he’s a sophomore?).

The D-Hall Stalk
Come armed to dinner with a five dollar bill and none of your dignity. Ask your friend to dinner and let them swipe in first. Once they're in the servery, slip the HUDS swiper the five to get the name.

The Smooth Move
If your friend is actually a romantic interest, try inviting yourself over for some “quality alone time.” Before closing the door behind you, check the names on the door. That should help you narrow it down to four or five at most. If the lucky time comes, cross your fingers, scream a name, and hope for the best.

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