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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Oh no—it’s the day before Christmas Eve, and you were so busy scrambling to do your Course Evaluations (due at 11 p.m. tonight!) that you completely forgot to buy something for your Secret Santa. We’ve collected some last-minute gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Five Weird Facebook Events For a Harvard Student

In the past few weeks, Facebook users around the country have found themselves invited to dozens of weird events. Their popularity is clearly growing as approximately 4,000 people have already said they are going (not really of course) to “lying in bed and cryin to Adele and feeling bad 4 urself” on December 31st at the time of this post. I was already invited to “turn into the mitochondria and become the powerhouse of the cell” earlier this week. The trend has only gained strength as we head into reading period a nd finals. To aid in your procrastination efforts, here are some Harvard Facebook events that Harvard students could attend.

Non-Advice For Reading Period and Finals

With reading period coming up, students have been subjected to a treasure trove of advice from friends, family, and administrators. The following are the five pieces of advice you’d rather not hear.

How Harvard Has Messed Us Up for the Real World

Here at Harvard, we are taught by some of the best professors in the world, and we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the hardest working and most engaged students. We are getting ready to become productive members of society, to make a difference as leaders. Some of us will go into public service, some into medicine, and many will work in finance or consulting. But, as much as we love it here, life at Harvard doesn’t always translate well for the real world in so many ways.

Ivy League Snapchat Story Highlights

Snapchat is constantly coming up with new ways to try and keep us entertained. One of the most recent additions is the Ivy League Campus Story, providing us with a live update of what is going on at the other seven Ivies.

Faculty Dinner Talking Points

So how does one navigate a conversation about that statistics class for which you’ve never attended lecture? How do you display intellectual curiosity when you can’t remember the last time you did assigned readings, much less picked up a book featured in the New York Times? Never fear, for Flyby has you covered:

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