How Harvard Has Messed Us Up for the Real World

Here at Harvard, we are taught by some of the best professors in the world, and we are lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the hardest working and most engaged students. We are getting ready to become productive members of society, to make a difference as leaders. Some of us will go into public service, some into medicine, and many will work in finance or consulting. But, as much as we love it here, life at Harvard doesn’t always translate well for the real world in so many ways.

How to Waste Away Your Snow Day

After three snow days in less than three weeks, Harvard students are experts. And at this point, it seems like the university has given up on the “we’re exceptional enough to go hold class during a blizzard” attitude it had for most of its history, so who knows how many more snow days we’ll have this year? That being said, it’s still important to make the most of every precious day off. Here are some of our favorite ways:

A Practical To-Do List Before 2014 Ends

Unless you’re spending your time vacationing in a foreign country or volunteering in an NGO, here are some of things to do if you want to squeeze in some productivity before the year ends:

Yalies Are Terrified of Sam Clark

Last year, On Harvard Time surprised Yale with a wildly successful YouTube prank appropriately titled “Harvard Tours Yale.” This year, vigilante Yalies were not so unsuspecting.

10 Questions with Samarth Gupta, Freshman UC Rep

My friend is a liaison for Valerie Biden Owens's IOP Study Group. He was e-mailing her, but I thought he said he was e-mailing his girlfriend. So, I took his phone and sent an e-mail that just said "Miss u." I then e-mailed a lengthy apology and felt like a dunce until I met Valerie and could apologize in person. The following week I met her brother and one of my inspirations, Joe Biden, so that whole sequence of events was pretty great.

If Course Descriptions Told the Truth

The truth about your classes is now coming out: Study cards have been signed and the glitz and glam used to hook students in is gone, revealing what the semester will actually be like. Here's what the course descriptions should say.

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