The Lazy Student’s Guide to Food Delivery

By Christine E Mansour

The semester’s winding down, so odds are that you’re:

a) bedridden with the latest plague

b) melting into a study puddle of term papers and final p-sets

c) cursing Frozen’s romanticization of all things icy, or

d) some unholy combination of the above.

In any case, if you just can’t crawl out of bed for HUDS Beef Fajita Fettuccine (although we admire the ambition of Latin-Italian fusion), Harvard Square restaurants are here for you. Check out some of the best food delivery options for your sick/stressed/snow-dreading self.

1. Oggi Gourmet (minimum $15.00, no delivery fee, Crimson Cash accepted)
Don’t dismiss this charming eatery tucked within the Smith Campus Center. Go for the classy roasted pear salad, the reliable Steve’s egg sandwich, or the photosynthetic pineapple smoothie with chlorophyll.

2. Nine Tastes (minimum $15.00, no delivery fee)
If your experience with Thai cuisine is limited to a certain endangered whitefish (ahem…. swai...ahem...HUDS), expand your horizons with the ambiguously named Nine Tastes. You can’t go wrong with any of the six (!) varieties of fried rice, but the “Veggie Puff” and “Shrimp Blanket” appetizers win for creativity.

3. Sweet (minimum $15, no delivery fee, Crimson Cash accepted)
Listen to Donna and treat yo’ self to a seasonally appropriate pumpkin pie, French toast, or apple cider doughnut cupcake. Sweet also stocks vegan cupcakes on Mondays, if you want a side of moral righteousness with that chocolate frosting.

4. wagamama (minimum $15.00, no delivery fee)
You can only eat so much Lamont sushi ($65 worth, to be exact). Yes, wagamama is a British chain, and yes, its vendetta against capital letters is irritating, but the delivery is free and the chicken katsu is delightful.

5. Falafel Corner (mimimum $15, delivery fee 10% of order total)
Feel awful? Falafel. Or, channel your favorite Avenger and go for the lamb shawarma rollup (only six months until “Age of Ultron”!)

6. Insomnia Cookies (minimum $6.00, delivery fee $1.50, Crimson Cash accepted)
As if the phrase “Triple Chocolate A La Mode” doesn’t already inspire a bit of Pavlovian drool, Insomnia delivers to your dorm until 2:45 a.m. “The Sugar Rush” – 12 cookies for $16.00 – is ideal for powering through a group project or crying alone.

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