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Dining Delights: Chocolate Waffles

With reading period and finals (a.k.a the end of the world as we know it) rapidly approaching, it’s more important than ever to have great treats to eat while you cram non stop. But if you’re plowing away on that last pset, chances are you don’t have time to wait for the crowd in front of the serving line to clear up. And with the weather degrading into a sad, drizzly, and cold mess, you likely want to stay inside as much as possible to stay warm.

Battle of the Squares: Central Square

“Imma let you finish, but Central Square is the greatest square of all time,” Kanye West once said. Okay, that's not exactly what he said, but the point is that Central Square is seriously cool and deserves to be called one of the greatest Squares of Cambridge.

How to Start Your Work this Late in the Game

It’s already the fourth week of school and you’re just realizing that you have work to do. From piling p-sets to enormous essays, it would have probably been better to start readings from the beginning. But if you’re reading this, it might not be too late to get started on all your work from classes.

Five Weird Facebook Events For a Harvard Student

In the past few weeks, Facebook users around the country have found themselves invited to dozens of weird events. Their popularity is clearly growing as approximately 4,000 people have already said they are going (not really of course) to “lying in bed and cryin to Adele and feeling bad 4 urself” on December 31st at the time of this post. I was already invited to “turn into the mitochondria and become the powerhouse of the cell” earlier this week. The trend has only gained strength as we head into reading period a nd finals. To aid in your procrastination efforts, here are some Harvard Facebook events that Harvard students could attend.

Five Cafes That Should Be Your New Study Spots

As the second round of mid-terms approaches, final papers beckon, and the days grow shorter, demand is steadily rising for daytime study spots. While the countless libraries make for productive environments, cafes may be more effective for some.

Ivy League Snapchat Story Highlights

Snapchat is constantly coming up with new ways to try and keep us entertained. One of the most recent additions is the Ivy League Campus Story, providing us with a live update of what is going on at the other seven Ivies.

Frankenbike: Spicing up the Streets of Cambridge One Vehicle at a Time

If you've been strolling through the Square in the right place at the right time this year, you may have had this exact thought after witnessing Billy Orman ‘16 riding on what appears to be a bicycle straight out of the circus.

Avoiding a Cold in the Cold Weather

Yes, everyone, it’s that time of year again. Cold weather is crashing down on Harvard’s campus, and no one is safe. Not your professor, not section kid, not even the cute crush in your class. As sore throats and runny noses ravage the historic halls of Harvard, Flyby is here to provide some tips so you can stay healthy enough to procrastinate before your next exam.

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