Dining Delights

By Amy L. Weiss-Meyer

Sometimes a ham and cheese sandwich just won’t cut it. You don’t want to eat a PB&J because you’re not a kid anymore, but none of HUDS' savory offerings are all that appetizing either. If you’ve ever faced an existential crisis of this nature, maybe you just need a little inspiration to help point you in the right direction. Trust us, these will intrigue the tastebuds in a way you never thought HUDS could. You can thank us later.

Tofu Tortilla

1 large tortilla, whole wheat or white
1 small bowl feta
1 small bowl tofu
1 small bowl chipotle mayonnaise
1 small bowl hot sauce
1 small bowl Greek yogurt
Handful of pepper and red onion slices

  1. Mix hot sauce and tofu
  2. Add peppers and red onion to tortilla
  3. Dollop a generous helping of the hot sauce and tofu mix on top of the peppers
  4. Add feta and yogurt if desired
  5. Wrap the tortilla
  6. Garnish with chipotle mayo

Tzatziki Pita

1 pita, whole wheat or white
1 small bowl Greek yogurt, sprinkled with dill
1 small bowl olive oil (2 parts) and lemon juice (1 part), mixed
Handful of cucumber slices, chopped into smaller pieces
Handful of tomato wedges
Handful of feta cheese

  1. Stir Greek yogurt to mix in the dill. Add cucumber slices, mix
  2. Spread mixture in opened pita
  3. Place tomato wedges and feta inside pita on top of the yogurt
  4. Mix olive oil and lemon juice vigorously with a fork.
  5. Pour mixture over contents of pita
  6. Sprinkle feta cheese and dill on top
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