Dean Khurana's Instagramazing Challenge

A new year, a new dean, a new social media challenge! Dean Khurana, Harvard’s first instagramming dean, has challenged #Harvard2018 freshmen to an Instagram Scavenger Hunt. The dean has been posting photos with captioned clues on his 'gram (on which he has over 800 followers, and an impressive 93:1 follower: following ratio!), and is asking Harvard freshmen to take photos in front of the various spots. Participants can mark their responses to the challenge using the hashtag #HCSH2014.

With aesthetically pleasing shots of campus landmarks such as Annenberg, the Museum of Natural History, and the Quad, the challenge will hopefully help the lost and confused freshmen become a little less lost and confused. More likely, it will further bewilder the 2018ers who had yet to discover that there was a building on campus containing an installation known as the “Great Refractor,” (actually, we didn’t know that either) or that the Dean of Freshmen, Thomas A. Dingman ‘67, lives so close to them!

Good luck to all accepting the challenge and check out our Instagram advice if you need some help. We’ve seen your grams. You need it.

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