Highlights from the Class of 2019 Survey

This week, the Crimson released the results of its annual survey of the freshman class. If you don’t have the time to comb through the entire feature (see: premeds in LS1a furiously studying Lecture 1’s material), here are some highlights:

If Course Descriptions Told the Truth

The truth about your classes is now coming out: Study cards have been signed and the glitz and glam used to hook students in is gone, revealing what the semester will actually be like. Here's what the course descriptions should say.

Welcome 2018! Here’s Your Guide to Not F*cking Up

First off, congratulations: You’ve entered Week 2 of freshmen year at Harvard. The study cards are in, you’ve had the obligatory PAF froyo/JP Licks date, and if you’re really on your game, you even have a few friends you can group text for dinner!

Hot-Crazy Scale: Q Guide Edition

It’s often difficult to make sense of the Q, Harvard’s rating system for workload and satisfaction of classes based on evaluations from former students. What does a 3.48 workload actually mean? Should I take a class with a 1.98 workload burden even if I won’t get satisfaction from taking it?

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