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Power Outages, Basketball Controversy, and Vegan Petitions

Ivy League campus story observations: I found out that students can play everyone’s favorite (?) winter sport—curling—in the Science Center plaza. Maybe it’s time to start going to section so I can check this out.


<p>Pforzheimer, or Pfoho for short, previously called “North House” (we know—who wouldn’t want their house to be named after Kim and Kanye’s daughter?) is one of those houses that can make a freshman’s jaw drop and say the words “it looks like a freaking hotel.” With so many n+1 suites that even sophomores can get in on the single action, Pfoho is one of the "pfreshest" houses of the twelve. The only caveat to that is that it’s stationed in the Quad: an area as terrifying to freshmen as the threat of an impending Ec10 midterm. But coming in at 371 students, it’s filled with enough people to make a strong community and its isolation from the rest of the Harvard Bubble is bound to make making new friends as an easy affair.</p>

Mixed Responses to Caitlyn Jenner, Fossil Fuels, and Mixers Gone Awry

First of all: are you following the Ivy League campus story? That’s probably the best place to get news about what is happening in and around the elite schools of the North East, but if you haven’t been keeping up, Flyby is here to fill you in.

El Jefe's Taqueria

Another day, another taco place.