News of Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have distracted from the announcement of a more important race. That’s right: the Undergraduate Council’s Elections are about to begin. Curious people may wonder who would possibly be interested in taking on the roles of president and vice-president, two of the most criticized and stressful positions that a person could assume. At Flyby, we have been thinking hard about which people might be considering running. Here are our predictions for potential tickets:

Jimmy Fallon and the Harvard Turkey
Jimmy Fallon, a veritable celebrity, briefly overshadowed the Harvard Turkey’s five minutes of fame this weekend with his inauguration by the Lampoon, (a semi-secret Sorrento Square social organization that used to occasionally publish a so-called humor magazine) as the “Emperor of Comedy,” but this turkey is notorious for refusing to be ignored. Will they combine forces to snag the election through their star power? Is this just another instance of celebrities shooting for executive positions? Can they do better than Donald Trump? Only time will tell.

The Return of Sam and Gus

At a time rife with conflict over final clubs, it's inevitable that a duo of undergraduates will conspire to lighten the mood on campus by entering another joke ticket into the election. Previous candidates Samuel B. Clark ’15 and Gus A. Mayopoulos ’15 saw much success, winning the candidacy in 2013. Could Harvard students “do worse” during this election cycle? But if Sietse K. Goffard ‘15 comes back into it, it might be an automatic win.

Surprise Candidates: Joe Biden and Barack Obama
In every election, there is a wild card ticket. Look to the 2016 presidential election and you will find the wild card candidate of the week to be Ben Carson, who is gaining traction amongst supporters. Flyby expects that Joe Biden, who recently announced that he wasn’t pursuing a run for the 2016 presidential election, might find the UC Presidential position less taxing and shock everyone. We’ve seen before what effect he had on the student body when he visited the IOP in 2014. Maybe Barack Obama could take the back-seat during this term and serve as Biden’s VP.

Candidates can still put in their bids for candidacy until Sunday, November 1st at 11:59pm. Students should brace themselves as campaigns are officially slated to begin on Tuesday, November 10th at 12:01 AM.