A Letter to Harvard Compliments

By Courtesy of Harvard Compliments

Dear Mysterious Admin(s),

In a world where the most beloved Clover is closing and there is a weird absence of swai, there is a Facebook page that can bring back joy into a Harvard student’s life. Well, at least a little. That hero is you, Harvard Compliments. So when I saw that you requested me out of the blue, I have to say I was shocked and immediately pleased.

I’m not talking about this Harvard Compliments page, nor this one. I’m talking about you, the one with 4,462 (and counting) friends on Facebook and you, who "studied Happiness at Harvard University" according to your Facebook profile. None can compare to you with your popularity and choice of a concentration, other than Economics or Government.

Being added by you was a pleasant surprise, like HUDS serving Happy Birthday cake on my actual birthday. Since you are a place where you post, " just good-hearted compliments," I was eager to see what you had in store for me.

But sadly I soon learned, getting friend requested by you does not mean that you have a compliment waiting for me at the time. I was heartbroken, crushed even. Why mysterious admin? I wanted “the kindness to begin” with me too!

But while I comforted myself with my tenth Ranger cookie, at least I know you’re doing a great service to this campus, like the petting zoo near the Science Center or Tomato Basil Ravioli. With midterms coming back to back, temperatures dipping past comfortable sweater weather averages, and Harvard life in general, we all need a little reminder of the many great people on this campus and how much we do actually (I mean actually) love each other.

So keep on doing your thing, make thousands of posts, or at least 1738. Harvard Compliments, thank you.

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