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Best Spots to Cry During Reading Period

​If you’re finding that the stress of impending exams is making you go through a box of tissues a day, don’t worry; it’s perfectly natural to get a bit (a lot) teary-eyed at this time of year. However, your snot-covered crying face is probably less than cute and sobbing in a fetal position in the middle of Lamont cafe is probably less than optimal. Never fear—we’ve got you covered with a list of the best places to have your reading period emotional breakdowns.

A Letter to Harvard Compliments

In a world where the most beloved Clover is closing and there is a weird absence of swai, there is a facebook page that can bring back joy into a Harvard student’s life. Well at least a little. That hero is you, Harvard Compliments. So when I saw that you requested me out of the blue, I have to say I shocked and immediately pleased.

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