Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part One: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Breakfast Sandwiches at CGIS Cafe

Breakfast sandwiches galore.
Breakfast sandwiches galore. By Kamara A. Swaby

We've gathered our staff together and racked our brains for the best things to use your BoardPlus on. If you are one of the lucky, lucky few who still has BoardPlus left, you are very welcome for our sage advice coming ahead in this series. If you unfortunately have maxed out on your BoardPlus for the semester (we feel you), Crimson Cash? Flyby presents you with the first installment of our series:

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Breakfast Sandwiches at CGIS Cafe

I love to eat my breakfast quick and undisturbed. That’s why I hate early morning meetings, like other people. But also why I like breakfast sandwiches. It’s every basic breakfast food item you need all in one. Also, I need the extra time to procrastinate successfully.

Out of the many good things our dining halls do provide, sadly having these wonderful inventions everyday is not their first priority, especially if you live in the Houses. So whenever I’m in the mood, I head down to CGIS Cafe located in CGIS Knafel, which is the weird looking building on the same side of the street as Annenberg (yes, as opposed to other weird looking building across the street).

If you wait a couple of minutes after 8:00 am, you can see these pieces of art already being prepared– freshly made comforts right in front of your eyes. Sadly, they don’t do the croissant sandwich with egg and bacon like I remember from freshman year. But, at least you can have your sandwich with an English muffin or a bagel.

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