PSA: Add/Drop Period Without a Fee Ends Today

By Thomas W. Franck

If you’re starting to wonder whether that fourth problem set class was a good idea or not, today would be the day to decide. It’s the deadline for adding or dropping classes without incurring a fee today, so after midnight tonight you’ll need instructor permission to add a course, and you’ll be charged $10 each day a submission is made to your study card.

That’s $10 that could just as easily go to a Super Burrito at Felipe’s. With chips. And guac. REAL AVOCADO, people.

So if you need to make a change, get cracking. Your 1:30 a.m. stomach will thank you.

P.S. Fifth Monday is on October 5th, which is the last day undergrads can add/drop a course or change a class from letter-grade to pass/fail or vice versa.

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