Creative Ways to Use Up (And Get) Crimson Cash

By Giuliana Vetrano

You never really think about Crimson Cash unless you are trying to print out a paper for your class that starts in 20 minutes, only to realize that you have nothing left. But after perusing the very wonderful Crimson Cash website (which is getting updated by the way, hopefully like some of our favorites), we noticed something amazing- you can use Crimson Cash in places not run by Harvard.

Of course, it is so so difficult getting away from your iced coffee at Greenhouse Cafe. But since you have so many places to choose from (even though according to some cross-referencing we did, the list of available outside vendors has decreased over the years), you would surely enjoy picks like these...

It is not Chipotle. It is not even Qdoba. But sometimes you just need a Tikka Masala burrito to feel remotely satisfied.

The Coop
Because you need to get that Harvard souvenir for your second cousin twice removed someday.

Sami's Wrap n Roll
If you don’t mind heading all the way to the Medical School, this place should be fine.

Henrietta's Table
What else can be more attractive on a date than paying the bill with your Harvard ID?

And if you ever need some lies to get your parents to fund your Crimson Cash transactions, we have graciously provided you with some excuses below:

I need extra money to do laundry. How can I impress this recruiter/interviewer of (insert consulting company name here) with dirty clothes?

I do care about the environment, but I need to print a 100-paged paper about the economic principles of how public speaking helps me build a famous app to be used for my start up.

It is just terribly inconvenient to carry my whole wallet all the way to the CVS (or the other one very close by).

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