Filling all your coffee needs
Lam Caf

With the recent addition of Crimson Cash, we all have been super stoked by the addition of money but not too stoked about the fact that everyone’s trying to spend it at the same time. At the same places. To help relieve stress about entering your favorite place only to find that you’ll need to wait for 30 minutes for food or a cup of coffee, Flyby has a compiled a set of recommendations for some of the most popular Crimson Cash spots around Harvard:

Lamont Cafe

If you are the the typical Harvard undergrad, you have spend some fraction of your Board Plus at Lamont. Unfortunately with midterm season in season, more people are finding themselves in Lamont with a ton of work and a deprivation of coffee so the line is a little too long and the cafe is a little too crowded at peak hours. We suggest getting to Lamont by 10 AM on the weekends and 2 PM during the week to snag your coffee and then snag a cubbie, so that you will be able to work in peace.

Barker Center Cafe

Since too many upperclassmen passed down the knowledge to freshman that the Barker Center is the best place to use your Board Plus/ Crimson Cash, the Barker Center Cafe has been more crowded than ever. The best thing to do in this situation is arrive early again - before any major eating hours, and especially before lunch. If you are planning on meeting people, advise one person to sprint to the Cafe and obnoxiously save a table for everyone. This thievery is the only way to guarantee you a secure spot in Barker.

Harvard Business School

If you are want to get a quick workout in so that you don’t totally regret the extra chocolatey mocha, the Harvard Business School Cafe is a perfect place to eat, study and feel even more sophisticated. The menu is very impressive and during the weekends, the seating area is practically empty.


CVS has everything (with the exception of hot coffee). Why not stock up on enough snacks to hoard for the rest of the duration of the strike? (This actually may not be possible, but you can give it a try with $50). Take these snacks to any study spot your Econ textbook desires, and enjoy the day.

Even now that the strike is finally a distant memory, finding ways to avoid lines and crowds whilst using the incremental Harvard supplement of Crimson Cash is an important way to maintain sanity - and prevent yourself from going bankrupt or hungry.