A Guide To Making the Most of Your Extra Hour of Daylight

Spring has sprung, and the sun is here to play
Spring has sprung, and the sun is here to play By Geoffrey Martello

About two weeks ago, the clocks magically jumped forward an hour, and we all lost an hour of our spring break. Unless you’re so sleep deprived that you’re always tired and didn’t realize you’d missed out on that sacred 60 minutes, you probably feel like you get ripped off annually when we “spring forward.” But here’s the good news: You now have one extra hour of daylight at the end of your day, meaning it's no longer pitch black out at 5 p.m. when your classes end. Here are some awesome things you can do with that hour:

Go for a run outside
As it gets warmer, you’ll be able to run outside instead of having to do the frigidly awkward sprint to the MAC in your shorts. And now, thanks to Daylight Savings, you can be assured that there will be light outside during your run so you don’t have to worry as much about suspicious characters. Alternatively, if you’re like us, and the only time you ever run is when the doors to the dining hall are about to close, you can take the extra daylight to exercise by walking briskly with a pair of shake weights to JP Licks.

Update your look
An extra hour of daylight = an extra hour of sunlight. Make sunglasses a staple to your wardrobe. Pro tip: Even if you’re not going to wear the sunglasses over your eyes, they can look nice on top of your head, and it’s much more acceptable to do that when the sun is actually shining so you don’t look like you just woke up with the world’s biggest hangover.

Get your cameras out
The sunlight as the sun sets can be the perfect #SelfieLighting. Take advantage of this while you can. If you’re friendless, consider this selfie stick disguised as a hand to make it look like you’re not a complete loser. If you do happen to have friends, gather them together and take pictures outside. After all, if you don’t have photographic evidence, your future kids may not believe you actually talked to people in college let alone had friends at any point in your life.

Rediscover what your acquaintances look like
For many dark, cold months now, you’ve been looking at your friends in harsh indoor lighting. Either that or you haven’t really ever left your room and you just interact with your friends through emojis. Take this opportunity to reacquaint yourself with these people. Maybe even *gasp* venture to the Quad to see that freshman year buddy you excommunicated after the cold rushed in during the fall. Make sure you can still handle the sight of your blockmates’ faces in the light, especially as you navigate planning your living arrangements for next year. While these things may not have seemed important in the winter, spring is coming.

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