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Harvard student on the search for an internship
Harvard student on the search for an internship

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, the lucky few who already received internship offers are resting easy and merely securing where they will live over the summer. Others are just hearing back about internships and are consulting with their advisors, weighing their options and applying for grants. Then there are the rest of us, still making a mad dash to get our foot in the door somewhere before we spend another summer alternating between lying on our parent’s couch while watching TV and laying outdoors getting a nice tan. Luckily for you, we here at Flyby have compiled a few jobs from Crimson Careers that might be of interest. While they’re not internships at Goldman Sachs or Mckinsey, these jobs are sure to add value to your resume while keeping you occupied over the summer.

Harvard student on the search for an internship
Harvard student on the search for an internship By Austin J Milunovich

Para La Tierra: Endangered Bird Internship in Paraguay

Do you enjoy saving birds that are on the verge of extinction? Do you want live in Paraguay? Do you even know where Paraguay is? Answer yes to any two of the above, and this internship might be the perfect one for you!

Ginkgo BioWorks: DNA Padawan Internship

This internship seems like it came straight out of Gattaca. With the fun slogan, “We aren't trying to study biology, we are trying to build it, you can finally make your dream of creating a super organism come true. In case you aren’t fully proficient in genetic engineering, the “Ginkgo Jedis” will be there to give you a kind helping hand.

Fundación Runa: Ethnobotany Internship

Here’s a job for all the outdoorsy people. Fundación Runa is looking for an intern to lead a study on local healing practices and herbal medicine in Peru’s Amazon rainforest. Very inspiring, but try not to get hurt there, it sounds like you’ll be miles away from any modern medical facility.

ROOSTERGNN Global News Network: Journalism Seminar Internship

For those of you who merely want to give the impression of having worked an internship over the summer, a transatlantic flight to Spain may be in your future. While I’ve never come across a listing for a “seminar internship” before, if it’s anything like Harvard seminar, you won’t be doing any work, and you’ll tell people it was life changing getting a crash course in something from an expert in the field. I’m sure you’ll be able to spin the experience so that it looks good on your resume after lounging in Spain for the summer.

So there you have it. These are all of the quirkiest jobs on Crimson Careers that will give you a great answer to where you “summered” while also building a killer resume. Happy hunting!

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