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Doctor’s Note: Stephen J. Bergman ’66

​If he’s not scribbling an Rx on his prescription pad, Stephen J. Bergman ’66 might be writing an epic novel. The psychiatrist, better known under his pen name, Samuel Shem, has published a series of critically acclaimed novels.

Environmentalist Emphasizes Role of Media

Environmental conservationist Philippe Cousteau, Jr. reflected on his family history as well as the changing role that media has played in spreading the environmental movement this Tuesday for the 2016 Lowell Lecture.

Steve Aoki: A Yardfest Study Guide

​Harvard students have been abuzz since the announcement that Steve Aoki will be the artist performing at this year’s Yardfest. The popular electro-house musician is well known for his collaborations with artists such as Lil Jon, Afrojack, and, as well as remixes of popular songs by artists such as Kid Cudi.

Woodland Themed Formal Will Cap Off Freshman Year

​Preparations are underway for the freshman formal, an annual dance held for the freshman class, which will be held this year under the Science Center Plaza tent on the semester’s last day of classes, April 27.

Flint Mayor Criticizes State For Role in Water Crisis

Flint, Mich. mayor Karen W. Weaver reflected on the city’s unfolding water crisis and emphasized the importance of utilizing existing channels of government to respond to local issues at the Institute of Politics’ John F. Kennedy Jr. forum Friday.

Flint Mayor Karen W. Weaver

Karen W. Weaver, mayor of Flint, Michigan visited the Kennedy School on Friday to discuss the city’s water crisis.

Crimson Careers 101

Luckily for you, we here at Flyby have compiled a few jobs from Crimson Careers that might be of interest. While they’re not internships at Goldman Sachs or Mckinsey, these jobs are sure to add value to your resume while keeping you occupied over the summer.