Faculty Deans Provide Food

We’ve hit that part of the semester where clubs have finished hosting info sessions, and all the freebies that were up for grabs are dissipating. The bustle of the beginning of the school year has settled down, but that doesn’t mean the free stuff is gone. Here are some tips and tricks that’ll help you thrift your way to free essentials.

Always Have Tupperware

Ah tupperware, the best household item since sliced bread. Try something at the dining halls that just hits the spot? Don’t wait for it to rotate back. Instead take out a plastic container and stuff it to the brim with those curly fries.

Bonus tip: Use the to-go cups as a substitute if you don’t have your own tupperware.

Crimzone Rewards

Even Harvard’s less sports-conscious student body can take advantage of Crimzone’s weekly bribes, which often include pizza and t-shirts. Show up, get your points (which can add up to earn flat screens and more), then leave.

Optional: Watching the game.

Lamont Cafe After-Hours

Most baristas will pass out the remaining pastries at the end of the day. Sit it out till closing, and keep your eye on the prize. Sweet chocolate croissants (not a finished p-set).

Follow a Friend

Most organizations will have snacks during their meetings so that’s definitely an option. If the ones you’re a part of don’t satiate your appetite, feel free to follow a friend to their meetings. Once you’re there, politely introduce yourself and say you’re interested in joining next term/year before dipping with food in hand. Your friend can take it from there (if they don’t, it’s time to rethink that friendship).


If you pick up a free futon from Craigslist, please send a small gratuity to Flyby. If you get jumped instead, this point was never part of the article. Always bring back-ups to Craigslist pick-ups and have HUPD/Cambridge Police on speed dial.