Thanksgiving Dinner

There’s no denying it: Harvard students have a lot to be thankful for. But let’s focus on what we all agree really matters, and what we all know needs to change.

Blessed: Veritaffles

Whether you need sobering after a wild night or whether you want to fortify yourself for a lot of procrastinated work on the weekends, a sugary Veritaffle-induced coma will do the trick. It’s good to know that Harvard will always be there to enable our bad decision-making.

Cursed: Memorial Church Bells

If you want to wake up at any time that is a) not on the hour, b) completely arbitrary, and c) annoying because they never stop ringing, then these are a perfect bet! One of the many advantages to living in Canaday.

Blessed: Tatte

Study session? Brunch date? Craving for olfactory stimulation? Tatte is good for your happiness and bad for your wallet.

Cursed: Friday Night Deadlines

So it’s your fault that you ran into the Barker Center at 4:59 to turn in a paper due at 5:00, and all the doors were locked, so you set off all the alarms, which kept ringing until a security guard came to turn them off? What were you supposed to do, turn it in early?

Blessed: The Shuttle System

Harvard’s campus may be fairly small, enclosed, and accessible, but that isn’t going to stop us complaining about the arduous fifteen-minute odyssey from the Yard to the Quad, or the Yard to Mather. On weekdays, the shuttles have your back. (On weekends, though, all bets are off. And there’s just no winning if you live in River West.)

Cursed: Just Three Days of Thanksgiving Break

Enough said. Step it up.