Most of us went home, some hopped over to New York City, and a handful stayed on campus over the Thanksgiving break. Let’s recount the ways in which we took a much needed breather from classes.

Posting pictures to our snap stories

Almost every one of us is guilty of this act. At some point during the break we took an artsy picture of our home or some new place we visited, chose a cute filter, and added a location stamp. If you’re like me and didn’t go home over the break, you’ll know what I mean when I say feelings of nostalgia and loneliness took over after seeing a plethora of these snaps.

Crying over reading period

We’re all in denial if we say we didn’t once think about how reading period and finals are rapidly approaching. This might get ugly real fast.

Turkey overload

After the initial Thanksgiving feast, the leftovers abound. Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey on toast…you name it. I personally need a couple of months to recover, and feel guilty about looking the Harvard Turkey in the eye.

Reuniting with family

Ahh, the abundance of awkward hugs and kisses from hovering aunts. Still, being back with the fam, and temporarily spoiled for the week, reminds us we love them despite their overbearing tendencies.

Black Friday sales

Whether out fighting crowds at our local mall, or clicking through a cart in the comfort of our beds, we were blessed with numerous steals and discounts this break. Watch out for our new fur vest’s campus debut.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, let us rejoice over guilt-free Mariah jam seshes and basic fairy lights. Winter season is upon us!