Break out those baubles.

It’s officially December, which means it is now 100% holiday cheer time. Here are some ideas for spreading the love among your roommates, friends, and strangers!


Break out the Christmas trees, menorahs, kinaras, streamers and other holiday decorations. Just for some ideas, you can go classic “Ho Ho Ho,” or a more dangerous “Hoe Hoe Hoe.”

Secret Santa/Secret Gifts

Gather your friends and do a Secret Santa! Just make sure to kick out the person who suggests a $10 limit for the gift. Seriously, NO ONE likes waiting in anticipation for their Secret Santa gift, only to find a chocolate bar.


Go around your dorm with your friends singing holiday carols! If people are annoyed by it, then just sing louder, even if you’re not the greatest singer on the planet. No one can call you out for caroling during the holiday season!

Staying Warm

Bundle up with that ugly sweater and turn up the heat. Or, alternatively, drink wine until you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You’ll be all the happier either way.

Dance Around to “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in Your Undies

After warming yourself up, trust me, this is bound to happen.

Then Cry to “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in Your Undies

If you’ve had a break-up recently (recently being in the past 5 years) and are single, just cry to this song and have a friend bring over Insomnia Cookies and more wine. You’ll feel better, we promise.