Best of Datamatch: When They Understood Us

Yes, Infinite Jest is quite thicc
Yes, Infinite Jest is quite thicc

Over 4000 students signed up for Datamatch. If you weren't one of them, you should be very ashamed of yourself. Who willfully passes up on free food?

Anyway, the CS nerds (we use that phrase lovingly) behind the screen are pretty funny. What did they ask us this year to determine our compatibility? We checked out the survey and found some gems.

Infinite Jest and Chill

By Sophie G. Garrett

Only at Harvard is “Infinite Jest” the right answer to this question (read: will get you the hottest date). And did you say Great Gatsby, or Great GatSpee? We love those final club prepsters.

Flirty Fashion

To the "all black, everything" folks: we feel ya. We're donning all black today to mourn our nonexistent love lives.

A Family Affair

If you didn’t pick the Obama family, then you have no heart and don’t deserve to find love. And Joe Biden will hate you and never smile for a meme pic again.

Pick Me Up

In the labor thread, here's one for you: How about you and I make like HUDS workers and…strike? Hmm, that one might fall flat.

You Win Some, You Lose Most

If you beat your midterm, your life is too perfect already. Leave the joys of Datamatch to those less fortunate.

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