Oscar season might be well past us, but Housing Day is almost here! What better opportunity to pretend to be a film critic? Here are Flyby’s ~totally expert~ takes on this year’s Housing Day cinematic hits and misses.

Dunster - ‘Another Day of Dunster
Whatever your opinion on La La Land is, you have to admit this video is hands-down award-worthy. We think someone needs to show this to Damien S. Chazelle ’07, stat.

4.5 stars for stunning cinemoose-tography and choreography. Can Dunster produce its own musicals now?

Eliot - ‘My House
Flo Rida’s ‘My House’ is a jam, and it’s no less a jam when rewritten for this preppy house. So this is where all of Eliot’s HoCo budget goes…
4 stars for a catchy song, and for being the first house to drop the video. Freshmen will remember that.

Cabot - ‘The Cod in the Quad

One thing we were not expecting was this Game of Thrones scene. Featuring a line that will become an instant classic, “The Quad remembers,” Cabot’s video is a spot-on parody. Points for the dim, very Thrones lighting. Although you won’t see any Kit Harington-esque hunks here, you will see our very own Dean ‘Kesh!

4 stars for changing the game, and a mention of the phrase “transformative experience.”

Winthrop - ‘Throp It Like It’s Hot
Points for shooting at the actual construction site, and of course, points for a Snoop Dogg song.
4 stars for the Disney-rap mashup, and the adorable kid at the end. We don’t know him, but we trust him.

Pfoho - ‘Pfoana
You’ve got to appreciate that Pfoho’s set up their own “Netpflix” where you can watch the current and past Housing Day videos. Pfoho called to all of us with that guinea pig and student ‘Spfa.’
4 stars for an adorable take on a modern Disney classic.

Lowell - ‘Chandelier
Great use of that crystal monstrosity. The play on swing housing is pretty genius, since this house goes into its two-year-long renovation next fall.

3.5 stars for originality and that Sia wig-morphsuit combination. It was a little terrifying at first, but it grew on us.

Quincy - ‘Be Our Guest
A song from a movie that’s technically not even out yet? Power move, Quincy, especially combined with the classic Disney costumes. We love that the house also produced a video specially dedicated to its Grille, which includes an ode to SaltBae, mozzarella sticks, and an innumerable amount of dabs.

3.5 stars for a song that will always be a favorite, and the yellow-morphsuited Lumiere who actually sang in a faux French accent.

Mather - ‘No Double
Mather released its new single… about having lots of singles. Chance would’ve been proud of this mascot with the most spirit—lots of chest-pounding—and a rap that’s actually really long and includes some pretty sick burns.
3.5 stars for song choice, and the ability to dance on top of a basketball hoop. That takes skill.

Leverett - ‘24 Carrot Magic

Unsurprisingly, Lev milks the bunny jokes to no end. We still appreciate the clever rewrite, though: “ears to tail, so player”?

3.5 stars for continuously reminding us of the video’s target audience—“freshman!”—and the adorable bunny cameos #we’reweak.

Adams - ‘Fresh Prince of the Square
Way to bring it with the throwback, Adams! We loved listening to a song that feels as old (but golden) as Adams looks itself.

3 stars for the costumes that made us nostalgic for the 90’s.

Currier - ‘Wildest Dreams
Don’t get us wrong, this is really well-made and beautifully sung. But a simple YouTube search shows that Leverett House did a rewrite of the same T-Swizzle song for their video just last year. We’re not pointing any fingers, but maybe Currier and Lev should sort this out between themselves…
3 stars. We’re sorry, but maybe it’s time to take another look at the Honor Code.

Kirkland - ‘Kirkland Song Song

A Spongebob throwback that was great in theory, but lacking a bit in execution. For the house with supposedly the most spirit, this video didn’t have us feeling too…spirited.
2 stars. Considering they killed Hamilton last year, we had high hopes.