After months of fickle Cambridge weather, it finally has started warming up enough for the student populace to break out the salmon shorts, Birkenstocks, and start kickin’ it in the Yard. We all want to enjoy the weather as much as the next person, but there’s always those choice few types that make us want to lock ourselves inside. This spring, don’t be these people.

Guitar Kid

Listen, we’re all about music and promoting the arts at Harvard, but not when your art is Creep by Radiohead on an acoustic guitar you bought in sophomore year of highschool and there’s nowhere else for us to run to. No, “you don’t belong here.” If you’re gonna play music, make sure you’re not right up against people trying to speed-write their term papers. The Yard’s big enough for all of us, so please don’t force us to listen to Wonderwall or any Coldplay, please.


If the weather’s above 55 degrees, you can guarantee someone has set up their Spikeball camp and is smacking away. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Spikeball itself if you’ve set up a space for yourself on the grass far away from everyone else. But, when you make the people around you have to duck every time your shirtless friend spikes it too hard, you make the Yard a danger zone for all innocent passerbys. Keep your distance and Spikeball in peace. (And put a shirt on.)

Chair Hogs

There aren’t nearly enough of those $300 artisan chairs to go around, so for the love of all things good, do not use a chair for your feet or your backpack. Although you might like to think so, you aren’t royalty, and you can put your feet on the ground like all the other plebeians. Plus, no one wants to sit down on a chair full of Yard dirt once you’ve vacated the premises. And if you squirreled a Yard chair away in your dorm room all winter, please kindly return it to the collective.

Trash Monsters

The Yard is essentially a wide expanse of dirt right now, so please keep the little grass we have left clean. When you’re done with your Starbucks Frappuccino or your Liquiteria Kale Juice with Apple Lemon and Ginger, throw the cup out, will ya? No one needs to be tripping over your trash while taking a nice stroll through the Yard.

The Yard is a great space for everyone to hang out in between classes, to picnic, and to soak up some rays while getting some work in. Make it a place everyone can thoroughly enjoy by keeping Flyby’s suggestions for Yard Courtesy, or else we'll have to tell you—rather forcibly since you'll be sullying our warm weather mood—dude, that's rude.