American Apparel
American Apparel's Harvard Square location closed earlier this year.

“The ones that love us never really leave us.”—Sirius Black

Death. We all confront it eventually, even Harvard Square businesses. The Square may have gained a few new destinations this year, but Flyby wants to take a moment to acknowledge some of the establishments we’ve lost.

American Apparel: Bodysuits and crop tops gone, but never forgotten (2006-2017)

Got a 90s grunge costume party coming up? Going as Cher from “Clueless” for Halloween this year? Need a nice new $120-pair of mom jeans for your “ugly-chic” look? You’re out of luck. The American Apparel in Harvard Square closed this past March as the company went bankrupt. And those who preferred an effortless bohemian look (you know, effortless after shelling out $200 or so) have also been left stranded, helpless, and distraught after Free People closed its Harvard location.

But college students need not fear the passings of these overpriced, underwhelming clothing stores. The best is yet to come. Free People was replaced by Fjällräven, a brand well-known for its backpacks (how thrilling). As for American Apparel? A lovely bank will fill the platform shoes it left behind.

Boloco is in a better place now (1997-2017)

Sometimes, you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. Chances are you went to Boloco once to confront your addiction to Felipe’s chimichangas, but never went back. Well, now it’s (almost) too late. In its glory days, the Boston-based chain was a popular stop for tourists and students alike, but in recent years, increased competition from an overwhelming number of Mexican eateries near Harvard has caused patronage to dwindle.

Despite the already-burrito-saturated status of the Square, Boloco will be replaced by a younger burrito chain. Zambrero is an Australian Mexican food chain (yes, you read that right) founded by a doctor, and it focuses on serving healthy, fresh food options.

If you’re a member of the “pro-loco” contingent, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. On the bright side, if you need your Boloco tank filled up once the Cambridge location departs in a few weeks, you can just take a quick T ride. Boloco is survived by seven locations throughout Boston.

Algiers: Beloved coffeehouse taken too soon (1972-2017)

Despite a harrowing chapter for the restaurant earlier this year, Algiers continued to serve up Middle Eastern dishes and charm these past few months. Little did we know there was another plot twist in store for one of Harvard Square’s only true characters. After 45 fulfilling years in the Square, Algiers coffeehouse is leaving us for good this August.

A new restaurant is already being planned for the space—before Algiers is even in the ground. Whether or not you’ve been to Algiers before, visit now. In its dying days, the coffeehouse deserves to be surrounded by those who love it most.

R.I.Pinkberry. (2011-2017)

Even those who weren’t the biggest fans of the fro-yo chain might have been just a little sad to see it close—if not for the loss of free samples handed out in front of the shop, then for the fact that it’s been replaced by the Square’s second “juice bar.” Now when you ask yourself, “where should I drop a bunch of bills on making myself feel healthy by buying a smoothie?” the answer might not be as clear as it once was. At the Liquiteria? At Pressed Juicery? This is the burden that Pinkberry has left you with.

Long live Berryline.