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Five Questions We Asked Ourselves in Cambridge This Summer

​After spending a good three months in Cambridge this summer, Flyby has had a lot of time to reflect on Harvard’s hometown. The following are some questions (of varying importance) that we found ourselves asking.

Five Things You Could Buy For the Cost of the A.R.T. Institute’s Drama Program

​Harvard’s American Repertory Theater Institute—a graduate drama program—is suspending admissions this year while the costs of the program are addressed. “What costs?” you may ask. “The two-year tuition expense of $62,593,” we would answer.

Before They Were Famous: A Look at Notable Alums’ Yearbook Entries

Many of today’s—and yesterday’s—celebrities once called Harvard home, so Flyby decided to dive deep into the College’s yearbook archives to find out what some noteable alumni were up to during their time in Cambridge.