This Week at Harvard: The End (of Summer) Is Upon Us

Boston Harbor, cruises from which are a great way of finishing up the summer.
Boston Harbor, cruises from which are a great way of finishing up the summer. By Sarah M.J. Welch

It is officially the last week of summer, and Flyby implores you to end it with a bang. For the last time (this summer, that is) we have your week lined up with solar eclipses, chocolate tacos, Turkish cats, and more. It’s your last chance to make some summer memories before the beginning of sch**l, so make it count!

Solar eclipse
Monday, 1:30-3:30 p.m. | MIT Kresge Oval (1 bus from Mass Ave @ Holyoke St. to 77 Mass. Ave. - MIT stop, then walk)

In a perfect metaphor for the last week before school starts, this Monday the happy summer sun will be eclipsed by the moon. Since it’s not the best idea to look at the sun without proper eye-gear, stop by MIT to wear some solar-filter glasses, use telescopes for a close up view of the partial eclipse, and hang out with other space nerds on this special day.

Choco-Taco Tuesday at Taza
Tuesday, 1-4 p.m. | Taza Chocolate Factory (69 bus from Mass. Ave. @ Holyoke St. to Cambridge St. @ Windsor St. stop, then walk)

If you like Taza Chocolate, Honeycomb Creamery ice cream, and tacos, you should sit down for this, because your mind is about to be blown. This Tuesday, the Taza Chocolate factory in Somerville is selling Honeycomb Choco-Tacos covered in Taza chocolate. We are not worthy. If you were waiting for some special reason to visit the chocolate factory—besides, ya know, the chocolate—the excuses end now.

Free circuit hacking class
Wednesday, 6 p.m. | Artisan’s Asylum, Inc. (86 bus from Harvard Station to Washington St. @ Calvin St. stop, then walk)

If you’re a hacker, raise your hand—on second thought, maybe we should keep it a little more discreet. Whether you’re planning on using your hacking powers for good or evil, we all have to start somewhere. Thankfully, Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville has got you covered with a free circuit hacking class for all levels, rookies and covert CIA engineers alike. From soldering to circuits to answers about your own projects, this class has it all.

Kedi screening at the Brattle
Wednesday, 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. | Brattle Theatre

Wish you could travel the world this last week of summer? Look no further than the Brattle Theatre’s screening of Kedi, a recent hit documentary about the cats of Istanbul. Whether you’re a fan of felines or not, the film’s stunning shots of the Byzantine city and its inhabitants will satisfy your wanderlust. So book your (movie) ticket now, and don’t forget to grab some of the Brattle’s delicious popcorn before the show.

Mamma Mia screening at Faneuil Hall
Thursday, 7 p.m. | West End of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Red Line to Park Street, then walk)

Money, money, money, must be funny, in the rich man’s world—luckily, this event is free! You might not have been able to afford your dream trip to Greece this summer, but watching Mamma Mia outdoors in Boston is the next best thing, right?

ICA “Culture Club” event
Friday, 6:30-10:00 p.m. | The Institute of Contemporary Art (Red Line to South Station, then walk)

Boston’s not known as a party city, so when a clubbing event presents itself, seize the opportunity. This week, the ICA is hosting the last event in their “Culture Club” series, which provides an outdoor experience with local DJs and artists. If the night-life scene makes you claustrophobic, don’t fret—nine therapy dogs will be at the event for comfort while the party rages on. The evening is open to all ages (don’t be surprised to see some awkward middle schoolers or a few grandmas), and tickets are available ahead of time for $15.

Evening cruises in the Boston Harbor
Thursday-Saturday, times vary for each type of cruise | Rowes Wharf (Red Line to South Station, then walk)

Unfortunately, these are your last few days of summer. While Flyby has tried to provide you with affordable, local, and college-friendly events this summer, we thought you might be willing to splurge as we close out #summer2k17. Throughout the week, Massachusetts Bay Lines offers a variety of cruises around the Boston Harbor—at sunset, in the moonlight, or even on a pirate ship. Cruise prices range between $20-$35, but it’s worth it to escape The Bridge before you’re sucked back into the Harvard Bubble.

Back to school :(
Next Monday, all day, Next Tuesday, all day, and every day after that | Harvard College

What can we say, summer has Flownby.

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