For the uninitiated, the Q Guide is the best marker for figuring out how amazing or how trash a class is. Here’s a collection of some of the most savage Q-Guide comments from last fall. Use them wisely.

Our commentary in italics.

STAT 104: Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Economics

“I don't know why this course is called "Frat 104" because it's actually hard.”

“Parzen is the ultimate homie.”

“pets r long (this person was prob high)”


“na” Two characters say it all.

CULTBLF 23: From the Hebrew Bible to Judaism, From the Old Testament to Christianity

(This class is notorious for being easy af)

“The Hope Diamond...ever heard of it?????? Take this class”

“You know why you're taking this.”

“This is a great class to take if you just want to chill.”

SOCIOL 186: Refugees in Global Perspective

“I am recommending this class entirely for Danilo Mandic. (Prof. Mandic is also just really good looking, so you'll always actually be paying attention to him.”

AESTHINT 56: Shakespeare, The Later Plays

“Shakespeare is still full of sexist bullshit, but this course itself is good”

“Don't pay too much attention to the footnotes in the books - it's terribly time-consuming, they are often unnecessary, and they often disrupt the flow of the more lyrical passages” Most of the comments on this class are just explaining who Shakespeare is, which is great I guess, but do these people know what the Q is for?

AESTHINT 53: Anime as Global Popular Culture

“You get to watch anime.” ‘Nuff said.

FOLKMYTH 172: Quilts and Quiltmaking

“Don't fear if you've never touched a needle in your life.” Never knew someone could use such a hyperbolic, dramatic statement to introduce a class on damn quilts.

“I left this class with no regrets, having learned far more than I had ever thought possible.” Can we get “No Ragrets” sewn on a quilt?

“I learned a new skill which is so useful (hello never having to ask my mom to sew buttons again!!), made so many new friends (quilting in the dining hall is like bringing in a new toy to pre-school, everyone wants to try it out!), and I made a final project that I actually feel like I want to show off!”

“Professor Lufkin is the greatest! She is able to lead an incredible discussion during seminar, and is able to host a tremendous "Stitch-N-B***h" during lab!” Stitch-n-bitch: the old lady version of a wine moms’ charceuterie-and-shittalk.

This is the only class I’ve ever heard of with only positive reviews (besides a freshman seminar on Bob Dylan). Maybe we should all switch to folk and myth? Finally, a humanities concentration that teaches practical skills.

COMPSCI 50: Introduction to Computer Science I

“I have met some of my best friends in this class, and there is so much support to get you through the difficult times.” I would not be surprised if David J. Malan himself had written this review.

“Free time and CS50 are, in fact, mutually exclusive.”

“Don't take this pass-fail your senior fall, because you won't want to do any of the work, but you'll still have to do the work.” Who makes it to senior year still thinking CS50 might be a good time…sounds fake but okay.

“If you can learn programming on your own, go for it.,” b*tches.

“For graduate students taking this course as an elective, it should be noted that this course is very time-demanding.” If you’re a grad student taking CS50 for fun, congratulations, you have reached peak hardo.

“Everyone should take this class” how about you eat my shorts

ECON 1010A: Intermediate Microeconomics


“This is easily the worst taught class at the college.” more than one comment said this….Yikes.

“The rumors are true!”

“I liked this a lot more than Ec 1010a/b” how did you like this more than 1010A, though?

“you have to take this!” Written by the Ec department?

“Interesting and challenging but not” The entire english department could not teach me how to read this sentence.

“Atudy [Sic]” Sage advice.

ECON 1126: Quantitative Methods in Economics

“This class was by FAR the worst class I've ever taken at Harvard. I've given a 1 on the Q before, and I now regret that because this class was so much worse than that one”

“Do not take this class. Take Stat 111. Transfer to Yale. Drop out. Do not take this class.” Say it with me: when it doubt, “Transfer to Yale. Drop Out.”

PHYSICS 15A: Introductory Mechanics and Relativity

“Special relativity is incredibly interesting/confusing but well worth the thought. Definitely forces you to problem solve.” Haha, get it? Forces, like the physics forces!

ECON 1017: A Libertarian Perspective on Economic and Social Policy

“Not a gem. Its a trap! They grade super hard but there is no coursework.” “Not a gem. Its a trap!” -Indiana Jones

LIFESCI 1A: An Integrated Introduction to the Life Sciences: Chemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology

“Get it over with” The sort of thing one says after finding they have bad chemistry with chemistry...

“It is a solid introduction to biology/chemistry, but not life-changing.”

I get the feeling this person may have been misled as to the meaning of “life sciences.”

“If you're interested in biology, this class is pretty much unavoidable. If you're just looking for an easy Gen Ed, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.” ALL CAPS SO YOU KNOW I MEAN BUSINESS

STAT 110: Introduction to Probability

“Professor was good. Disliked it because probability is stupid b******* and most of what you learn is tricks instead of actual useful math” I mean, Math is mostly just magic and tricks to me so I can’t relate.

“be ready to battle!...” Blitzstein vs. 500 Harvard students is a movie I would watch. At 2x speed.

“Stat110 (more commonly referred to as Frat110) does an excellent job of introducing the study of probability...” P(Frat 110 being a phrase anyone has ever used) = 0.



“It's no cakewalk”

Yeah, it’s more of a Random Walk. Lol. Math humor.

“Just don't”

If Nike sponsored this class.


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