What Even is Left in Harvard Square?

Even after the sun sets, Harvard Square bustles with activity.
Even after the sun sets, Harvard Square bustles with activity. By Charles K. Michael

In case you haven't noticed yet, Harvard Square is not what it used to be. It seems like every other week we're screaming RIP after another Square staple randomly shutters. We’ve lost some fan favorites (everything other than Boloco) as well as some places whose presence never made sense (Boloco).

So, where are we supposed to go for all of our shopping needs when we don't want to leave the Harvard Bubble? Lucky for you, w’re experts at adventure—ask us about our study abroad—so we’ve checked out all the options for you.

Pressed Juicery

In case you’re sad about Pinkberry leaving, Pressed is probably close to the same thing. Except, in liquid form. TBH I’ve never been to Pinkberry or even met anyone who ever has, so I do not know what we’re comparing to. But if you’re in the market for a very expensive fruit-themed drink, Pressed seems like the place to be.

Fjällräven Kanken

Do you need a fancy-ass backpack? Want to match all the trendy kids who definitely can’t fit all of their books in their bags? Check out Fjällräven on Church St. And, bonus, you can check out the little Dunks and the empty place that used to be American Apparel. Mostly go to Dunks.


Opened last semester, but just a reminder that it is AMAZING. Certainly a bougie option, but if you’re going out to eat, think about checking it out. Finally, a place that makes healthy taste good.


So this technically isn’t open yet, but this is another burrito place opening up in the Square. Fingers crossed these are nectar-of-the-gods level burritos, because there’s no way there’s room for another mediocre burrito place in the Square.

For more info, especially @freshmen, check out our welcome back Cheap Eats series and stay tuned because our only interest on this campus is food.

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