We Sat Down with the UC's Cat and Nick

By Zennie L. Wey

Flyby got a chance to talk to your new UC president and vice president, Catherine L. Zhang ’19 and Nicholas D. Boucher ’19. Harvard, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourselves into with this ticket. Here’s what went down.

Flyby: How much “water” did you both drink after winning the election?

Nick: Enough to get through a stat pset right afterwards. Which is a lot.

Cat: Only the water that Yaz and Cam bestowed upon us afterwards.

Flyby: Do you watch House of Cards?

Cat and Nick: ...No, not really.

This is the only reason necessary to impeach them.

Flyby: The next question was about pushing one of your political enemies off a T platform, so…

Cat: Mmmm...Interesting.

Flyby: Wait, do you plan to push one of your political enemies off a T platform?

Cat: Wait, when you mean off a T platform, do you mean…

Flyby: Into an oncoming train, yes.

Nick: See...the biggest problem here is that it takes tax dollars to clean up the mess. So, if we were to do it we’d probably be much cleaner.

Cat: I’m too shook.

Nick: We’re really big on financial efficiency.

Clearly, Nick has thought about this. That's not worrying at all.

Flyby: But given how slow the T is would it even matter? Would they even die?

Cat: That’s true. You’d have to time where you did it because the T just stops randomly now.

Nick: Biophysically speaking, one of the rails is electrified. So presumably they could also just shock to death. Hey, am I crazy? Maybe I’m not…

Flyby: Hey, it’s ingenuity.

Nick: That’s right. We’re all about innovation. Creativity. Using things in new ways.

Cat: That’s true. That’s very true.

UC reps had better watch their backs...

Flyby: Any funny stories from the campaign?

Nick: I can think of a fun one!

Thank God.

Nick: One of the printers was running out of ink, and when we were printing it just turned out green...like aliens.

Guess not.

Flyby: Who do you now declare to be “losers”?

Nick: Harvard.

Our thoughts exactly.

Flyby: Let’s play a game. Yay, nay, or “I couldn’t possibly comment”? Yale?

Cat: Nay.

Nick: Nay.

Rakesh Rapping Hamilton?

Cat: Yay.

Nick: Yay.


Cat: Nay.

Nick: Oy.


Cat and Nick: Yay if it’s yay for you, nay if it’s nay for you.

Are you politicians or something?

In all seriousness, we’d like to thank Cat and Nick for the opportunity to interview them and their good sense of humor. See them in action at UC meetings this year.

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