Are you already apprehensive about your fourth pset class? Are you looking for a fun—and potentially flirty—replacement? Are you a straight male? If you answered yes to these questions, listen up. Women and Gender Studies is the department for you. It’s such a good deal that it takes heterosexual male privilege to a whole new level.

That ratio, though

We know you were thinking it the second you read the article title, so let's get it out of the way. Sadly, not all straight men are woke enough to take a WGS class, so you will be one of few. Less competition in the room, more options for you. Enough said.

You always get into the class

WGS classes are very popular (among about half of the student population) and often involve a lottery or an application. Since you have an under-represented yet essential voice, it doesn’t matter what you say on your app. You’re getting into the class. No more shopping week woes for you.

Your privilege ensures that you haven't been exposed to the content (but you should be)

As you would learn in a WGS class, to have privilege means to enjoy unearned advantages without noticing. This class would a-woken you to the hardships you have never had to face. You would be making the world a better place, one ally at a time.

The bar is low for your comments

No women in the class expect you to have wise things to say about gender issues. If you say anything remotely wise, the many girls (see: ratio) will be very impressed. Be careful, though, because one misstep and you could be in trouble.

The WGS department needs you, but way more importantly, you need the WGS department.