Good Vibrations Valentine's Display
Maybe you look forward to Valentine’s Day all year, or maybe you think it shouldn’t exist. Regardless, there is probably someone in your life for whom you feel obligated to get a gift, whether it’s a significant other, a galentine, or your mom. If you’re stressing because you don’t have the time to window-shop for that perfect present, Flyby has you covered! Here are some of the best finds we’ve seen in Harvard Square, organized by how far they are from the Yard, so you get to decide how much effort you put into this year’s lovefest.

Within Five Minutes

If your mind immediately went to those chocolate-filled hearts they sell for like $5 at CVS as soon as you heard “Valentine’s Day,” you’re not alone. Love Bites offers a snarky twist on this tradition, with cutesy messages written on the boxes ($6.99) that will definitely cue bae in on how you feel about their idea to exchange gifts.

Love Bites Candy
Cheeky Chocolates for your Valentine.

Head to Black Ink, which is directly across the street from the Harvard Square T station, and check out their Valentine’s Day display for some true romantic inspiration. You can choose anything from the Complete Novels of Jane Austen (50% off!) to baby heart candles. If you really want to impress your date, however, get them a pack of Paris Map Coasters; you can spend some quality time together planning your perfect imaginary vacation over drinks.

Check out Zinnia Jewelry/Cabot’s Candy for the best combination possible. Here, you can buy your special someone a super cute necklace ($19.99) and pick up some champagne truffles ($9.50) for yourself on the way out.

Within Ten Minutes

If you are willing to take a little more of a hike in order to make the day special for your boo (or bestie), head down to Lush and check out their display of body care products. Who knows, maybe your roomie has secretly been lamenting the lack of eggplant-shaped bath bombs ($6.95) in their life — this could be your chance to make up for passing out in their bed last weekend.

Lush Eggplant Bath Bombs
A Valentine's Offering from Lush
Or, if bae’s morning breath is starting to put a strain on your burgeoning love, send them a hint in the form of a tasteful bottle of mouthwash tabs ($9.95).

Stop by Follow The Honey if you want to show your special someone how sweet you think they are by getting them some local raw honey! They have different flavors on tap, and you can fill up a mason jar with whatever type you want ($14) for a gift that no one will expect (but everyone will appreciate). You can also pick up handmade beeswax candles shaped like different animals ($11) if your recipient is into all-natural gifts.

Papyrus has something for everyone in your life, including your most important valentine: your dog. Get your one true love a box of Valentine’s Day dog treats ($19.95) while you pick up some sexy dice ($14.95) for date night and a cute coin purse for your blockmate.

Within Fifteen Minutes

Petali Flowers Boquet
Keep it Classy with a Nice Bouquet.
If you’re feeling extra dedicated (and energetic), trek in the direction of the river until you get to Petali, where you can secure a tulip bunch (9.99) that screams “I value and support you.” You can also just wander through the shop, which displays an impressive amount of Harry Potter merchandise, and enjoy a floral aroma that you probably thought wasn’t possible until at least April.

Last but definitely not least, check out Good Vibrations for the most impressive Valentine’s Day spread you will ever witness. Some standouts include a candy bra ($12) and Sweet Treats vibrators ($12), which are sneakily disguised as chocolate bars.

No matter what you end up giving them, your person is lucky that you care enough to get something. And if none of this works, fall back on a reliable Harvard adage: time is a commodity. The precious moments you spent reading this article with them in mind is a gift in and of itself.