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How To: Do Your Best on Timed Remote Midterms

Though we aren’t able to take midterms physically in those beloved Science Center rooms this term, there are definitely some ways to succeed in making your at-home study space a “mini” lecture hall, aka a space where you can actually take a midterm without worrying that your little sibling will barge in asking you for help.

How to: Dress for Your Zoom Class

September usually brings about the start of a new school year and with it a new wardrobe; but this year, most of us haven’t really needed to go back-to-school shopping, since, well, we’re not back to school. Seeing as you may have forgotten how to get dressed over quarantine (what are jeans, anyway?), Flyby is here to help you out with all of your Zoom lecture outfit needs.

How to: Virtually Volunteer

One of the greatest joys of being a college student is having a plethora of volunteer opportunities available year-round. Even if COVID-19 may prevent us from lending a hand in person, there are still countless ways to give back virtually.

How To: Write and Send a Letter

After months in quarantine, we’ve grown a little tired of seeing our friends through Netflix Party,, and Houseparty. Looking for a new way to communicate with your friends that doesn’t involve a screen? Read on to discover the art of the letter.

How to: Make Connections with Your Professor Online

While Harvard is fully online this year, establishing rapport with professors is still an essential aspect of the college academic experience. But what do you do when you cannot pop in spontaneously to in-person during office hours anymore? Don’t worry, Flyby has you covered with some insightful tips on how to create meaningful connections with your instructors through a computer screen.

How to: Recreate Lamont

Of all the things we’ll miss the most this semester, Lamont definitely makes the top of the list. Who wouldn’t miss those late night study sessions-turned-hangouts-turned-all-nighters? Do you consider yourself a Lamonster? Are you craving those delectable, one of a kind LamCaf snacks and drinks? C’mon, we know you do. But even though Lamont might be hundreds or thousands of miles away, we’ve found some ways to recreate that unique ~ambiance~ at home.

Tips for Remote Research

Let’s be real: even for the most well-prepared students, the coronavirus has thrown a wrench into all of our plans. Along with summer travel plans and on-campus classes, COVID-19 has even taken out in-person research — restrictions are so tough that even the most hardcore pre-meds can’t get into a physical lab. Even though you envision test tubes and beakers when you think of a lab, there are plenty of remote research opportunities available at Harvard. If you’re looking to get involved in a lab or work for a professor, check out ways you can maximize your remote research experience below!

How to: Make Any Space Feel Like Harvard

With the start of the remote semester, looking at old pictures of Harvard Yard and your friend’s Instagram Stories of campus aren’t cutting it anymore. We all miss Harvard, and even for those on campus, life just isn’t the same. But who says your new life can’t look a bit more like the Harvard of the past?

Best Snacks for Zoom Class

It’s your first class of the semester, and the professor begins to run through the course expectations: camera on, stay muted unless speaking, participate in breakout rooms. You may be thinking that maybe this whole online class thing won’t be so bad: there are plenty of positives, such as watching pre-recorded labs without having to dump your mostly-full iced coffee at the door.

15 Minutes of… Break?

Now that classes all occur over Zoom, we no longer need those 15 minutes to walk to the location of our next class. What do you do with this seemingly great, yet awkward amount of time?

How to Make Friends: Zoom Edition

While a virtual semester comes with many perks (waking up mere minutes before a 9 a.m. and still making it to class on time never gets old), making new friends definitely poses a new challenge. Without social community spaces other than your local laundry room, when it comes to socializing, you may need to get creative. Here are Flyby’s tips to making friends: Zoom Edition — because a virtual semester doesn’t need to be a lonely semester.

How To: Turn Over a New Leaf for a Productive Semester

Let’s admit it — going virtual last spring was tough. Without having to leave your bed for class, walk downstairs to the dining hall for a meal, or clean your suite up to keep your blockmates happy, it’s possible that you slipped up a little bit on your daily routine. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re nervous about picking things back up for the fall, check out these tips for how to turn over a new leaf and be productive again this semester!

How to: Get Your (Virtual) Life Together

We’re still mentally in the banana bread-making-phase of quarantine, but that hasn’t stopped classes from being scheduled to start… tomorrow. With everything online, there’s suddenly a ton to manage — Zoom links lost in the depths of our inboxes, Google Forms on Canvas that may or may not work, and TFs who are, understandably, overwhelmed as everyone rushes to get their shit together. Use the tips and resources below to have your online semester figured out in no time.

How to: Live Off-Campus Fall 2020

After spending months in your childhood bedroom being doted on by your parents, learning how to be independent again by living off-campus may be liberating but, quite frankly, also a bit terrifying. While you might not have HUDS and house gyms to get you through the semester, Flyby has some tips to help you thrive while living off-campus!

How to Spend Your Quarantine On-Campus

The topic of COVID-19 has been hotter than any summer heat wave, especially because states have implemented strict quarantine rules upon arrival. If you are spending the fall semester on campus, here are a few useful things to do to pass time in quarantine fruitfully.

What To Pack: Coronavirus-Specific Edition

You’ve completed your COVID-19 training, compiled a list of courses to take this semester (kind of?), and hauled out your suitcase from the back of your closet. Aside from the usual things to bring, however, the current season demands a few precautionary items. Here are five extra commodities to bring with your favorite pair of jeans that you’ve worn since the tenth grade! Don’t bring any “I Took CS-50” shirts. Please, the world begs you.

How to Recreate the Panic of Shopping Week

Shopping week usually instills a sense of chaos reminding us that school is back, and there’s no reason that can’t be true this year. During this pandemic, we’re all craving a sense of normalcy. Use this guide to help continue your shopping week traditions from years past.

How To: Get Ready for Virtual Shopping Week

Shopping week — five days of excitement for new classes, vigor from a restful summer break, and nervousness from the overwhelming course catalog. This is the first time that shopping week will be held online before the start of the semester, so here are a few tips from Flyby to make the most out of it. Extra points if you proudly wear your pajamas and eat breakfast in front of the entire class!

How to Stay Busy This Summer: Quarantine Edition

For most (if not all) of us, COVID-19 has thrown summer plans out the window. Instead of conducting research or eating pastries in Paris, maybe you’ve been scrolling through Tiktok for three hours at a time. Here are some ways to stay busy this summer!

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