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How To: Spice Up Reading Period

It’s the end of the semester. You’ve watched the past few months flyby (pun intended) and it somehow feels as though you’ve done absolutely nothing with your time aside from testing the limits of your Zoom lecture attention span or analyzing the optimal level of procrastination. Luckily, flyby is here to add a little thrill to your life with 7 ways to spice up the last few weeks of the semester.

How To: Class of 2025 Intro Blurb

Decision day was Monday. So, congratulations on finally committing to the most ~transformative~ experience of your life, Class of 2025. Flyby is here to make sure your Harvard intro blurb will leave a lasting and good impression to your future classmates with the dos and don’ts in writing it.

Recreating HUDS Dishes: Chocolate Desserts Edition

Whether you're missing HUDS meals or not, it's no question that we're all missing those incredible HUDS desserts. If you can't get a friend on campus to smuggle you a cookie bar or two, fret not! We've got some recipes to help fill the void in the meantime.

How To: Recreate Harvard From Home

The ever-approaching finals season may have you watching lectures at double speed, contemplating life in the shower, or truly just wishing for some ~authentic~ Harvard experiences. For those of us who are still stuck off campus, fret not. As you push towards the end of what is *hopefully* your last remote semester, here are some tips to make campus seem a little less distant.

Flyby Investigates: Ways To Stay Motivated for the Last Weeks of the Semester

With every month, it grows exceedingly more difficult to stay at least somewhat motivated and catch up on the 10 lectures you’ve missed. Luckily, flyby is here to help you finish off the last stretch of the semester strong!

How To: Make Friends (And Foes) During Virtual Visitas

During Visitas, you’ll hear from several important grown-ups about the ~transformative experience~ that awaits, but you’ll also have the chance to interact with classmates for the first time! Read on for a few helpful tips on how to make friends (or perhaps foes) during Virtual Visitas.

How To: Actually Get Something Out of Virtual Visitas

For another year, Visitas is being held in the comfort of your own home. What could be better than listening to how ~transformative~ your years at Harvard will be while chilling in your pajamas in bed? Although it may be tempting to sign into Zoom and podcast the sessions as you do something else (maybe listen to the new Taylor Swift album?), we compiled a couple things that hopefully will help you actually get something out of Virtual Visitas.

How to: Not Feel Completely Overwhelmed During Virtual Visitas

Welcome, Class of 2025, to the magical land of Harvard! Your first stop is Visitas, the university’s admitted students weekend and your first official taste of college life. Before you begin your journey, here are Flyby's ins and outs on how to stay calm and not be totally overwhelmed by these chaotic few days.

How To: Enjoy An Indoor Wellness Day

So Wellness Days may not be like, amazing or anything, but at least they're something? As our very last one of the semester approaches, enjoy some cozy indoor activities to hide away from the gross Boston weather (or just enjoy listening to plenty of Taylor Swift anyways!).

Master Chef: Dorm Room Edition

So you're living on campus, and — despite your deep and endearing love for HUDS — the food is admittedly getting a bit old. Have no fear, variety is the spice of life after all! Why not try tossing on that dusty chef hat in the corner and making your own food? After all, might as well use those free microfridges.

How to Have the ~Tough~ Convos

With our iPhones in hand and an Instagram feed just waiting to be scrolled, it’s all too easy to avoid the tough, necessary, and sometimes really critical conversations. So, next time you have something to say or want to confront a friend about something on your mind, keep this guide as a reference.

How To: A Spring Break During a Week of Class

It's officially April, and I'm still wondering how to survive without an *actual* spring break. If you're stuck in the same place, hopefully this article motivates you towards creating your own self care in the smallest ways, even if that means skipping out on that latest discussion post in your gen ed.

Easy (And Good!) Meal Ideas for Those Back to Back Zoom Classes

So you've got 15 minutes in between your two Zoom classes, and are feeling desperately in need of a quick lunch. We've got the cooking recs you need to finally get out of that endless (though convenient) cycle of microwave ramen and half-hearted bowls of cereal.

Zoom Social Ideas to Add to Your Next Virtual Gathering

At this point, have you played more games of and Among Us than you can count? Is singing karaoke with the least musically-inclined people in the world over an unstable internet connection destroying your eardrums? If so, here are a few recommendations for your next (and unfortunately, not the last) virtual social!

Hacks For Multitasking School and TV Shows

Let's be real: we're all still on Spring Break mode despite classes still happening this week. If you were hoping to catch up on your Netflix Watch List even despite a full week of Zoom, we've got the ~strategies~ you need to check each series off your list.

How You Should Spend Your Wellness Day

Spring break is out and Wellness Days are in. If you’re still deciding between hibernating in your bed all day, cooking/baking up a storm of food that will last you until the end of the semester, or spending the day finishing your 50 psets and crying about how very unwell you feel, use this flowchart to help you make the most of those precious 24 hours.

How To: Actually Dress Warm For Cambridge Weather

Maybe you’ve read about the winters in Cambridge or have seen the beautiful snow pictures, but have never actually experienced a ~real~ New England winter before. Don't be fooled by those strange few who insist upon wearing shorts even when it's below 20 degrees — make sure you're actually equipped with everything you need to survive whatever Mother Nature throws at us!

TikTok Powerpoint Night Inspo: Harvard Edition

If you’ve ever spent even a second on TikTok, you’re already familiar with the PowerPoint trend, where you and a bunch of friends each choose a topic of your choice to present on it. While learning about the intricacies of Great British Bake-Off’s judging is interesting, we thought we’d give you some ideas to help Harvard-ify it up.

Flyby Tries: Fun Ways to Reuse Those Giant Brown Paper Bags

Years from now, the Class of 2024 will be known by many things. We’re the class that started college on Zoom, along with a million other ~unprecedented~ experiences. However, believe it or not, we have another legacy: we’re the class with the giant brown paper bags (thanks, HUDS!).

A Harvard Student's Guide to Tinder... in a Pandemic

If there's anything we've gained from this global pandemic, it's a deep, crushing need for social connection. Woo! If you're anything like us and Tinder has become your latest go-to spot for conversation and/or validation, follow this guide to make sure your profile is in good shape for your next swiping session.

How to: Stay Active Without the MAC

With the endless hours of sitting in front of your laptop on Zoom, maintaining an active life can be challenging. Here are a few tips from Flyby to working out without the MAC as we spend a few more months indoors.

How to: Cope With Missing Your Pets

Another semester is here, and many of us find ourselves back on campus (or at least out of our childhood bedrooms for once). On one hand, we finally have the opportunity for some limited social interaction that's not on Zoom; however, for some of us this also comes at a serious cost: no more quality time with our pets. Flyby is here with some hopefully helpful suggestions for filling this void in your heart!

How To Enjoy a Harvard Winter from Home

So you've found yourself at home, and suddenly you're feeling major nostalgia for wintertime at Harvard. Whether your idea of a good time is suffering through wet socks or traveling through an endless sea of Canada Goose jackets, there are plenty of opportunities to simulate that perfect Cambridge winter environment. It's almost like you never left Harvard in the first place!

How to: Zoom the Holidays This Year

Jingle bells, I can’t smell, I have to wash my hands… Remember when we all thought life would be back to normal by now? What a time. But with the holidays creeping around the corner, it’s time to get into the festive mood and find some time to unwind. Although we may not be on Harvard’s campus together, there are still plenty of ways to stay connected (unless your Wi-Fi drops) during this jolly season!

Winter Treats To Get Excited For

This reading period, you may have fewer (as in, zero) formals and gatherings to attend, so what should you do with the extra few hours? Make your life a little sweeter by eating delicious goodies. Rather than simply scrolling through Pinterest and saving photos of aesthetic holiday desserts, go out and actually enjoy a few treats from this list. This semester may not have been a piece of cake, but you certainly deserve one for making it to the end.

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