A Refrigerator full of Halo Top in CVS Harvard Square
Is it healthy if you buy a halo top but then eat the whole thing in one sitting?
Weekend nights at Harvard are a mixed bag — sweaty freshman dorm parties, sloppy dancing in the Quad, and that one club-sponsored mixer (for a club you’re not even a part of) you always seem to end up at. When you ditch your nook in Lamont to venture into social settings for the night (if your Google Calendar so allows!), you never really know what you’re getting yourself into. But one thing never fails to disappoint us after a mediocre party: The food simply tastes better, especially after 1 a.m. We’ve rounded up our favorite drunchies, so all you have to do this weekend is wake up on Sunday morning and regret ever taking our advice.


Apparently so many restaurants have left the Square that people think CVS Pharmacy is a restaurant now. Having lost Chipotle and Crema in the same week, desperate times call for desperate measures. CVS really is a drunken snack wonderland, fully stocked with chips, pretzels, candies, soda, ice cream, cookies, and every other pre-packaged processed junk your heart could desire. Bonus points if you get Halo Top to be “healthy,” but eat the entire carton in one sitting.


Even with the rise of &pizza, nothing can beat that late night slice at Noch’s. If you’re lucky, you may even run into your Datamatch and awkwardly avoid eye contact as you both load up on carbs. And if not your Datamatch, chances are you’re bound to run into at least one person you know here. Eat yummy pizza in the company of Mark Zuckerberg(‘s photo on the wall) and other famous frequenters of Noch’s! If you’re drunk enough to think that Mark Zuckerberg is actually in the room, maybe check in with a friend about how you’re doing.


Drunk you wants breakfast for (second) dinner and you know it. ’Nuff said.

Jefe’s or Felipe’s

We won’t take on the debate as to which is better in this roundup here. Both Jefe’s and Felipe’s are worthy of honorable mention, because is a drunk food roundup really a drunk food roundup if it doesn’t include burritos? We don’t think so. Go ahead and splurge on an extra burrito because we know you’re already on a downward spiral of treating yourself.

Hong Kong

Fried dumplings, hot soup, and pad thai: Need we say more? Kong is the absolute heart of our college town. Honestly, those scallion pancakes are so good that you think about them the next day. And we’ll admit, it feels a little strange to be eating a full meal at a sit down restaurant in the middle of the night, but our advice is to embrace it. This is college for you.

Stay safe, and never forget to Get Snacked. There’s always Veritaffles in the morning to wash down all the many mistakes of your night on the town. Your nook in Lamont won’t judge when you come asking to be taken back on a Sunday night.