How To: A Spring Break During a Week of Class

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I would like to preface this “How To: A Spring Break During a Week of Class” article by letting everyone know that I procrastinated for a week on writing this because my brain has been taking a super inconvenient break from engaging with anything productive. But, here I am to tell YOU how to take your own mini, pretend, non-existent, imaginary, yet idyllic spring break while still getting through your classes — because spring break is a state of mind that can happen whenever you want it to happen… or at least that’s what they want us to think about Wellness Days.


First off: sleep. Super important, I have found. Be a rebel and don’t listen to that little voice in your head that tells you that you’ll wake up at 8 a.m. to start your work tomorrow morning — that voice can be very evil. Instead, try to get your work done a little early, maybe even skip the Netflix (I’m no pro at this), and hit the hay.

Find Your Relaxation Technique

Anything that can give you a little bit of a mental break is honestly 1000000 percent worth it. I’m not a huge meditation person, because I personally hate the idea of sitting down and reflecting on myself (that’s probably why I should do some meditation), but if you enjoy a little deep thinking when you wake up or before you go to bed, leave yourself some time to do that! If meditation isn’t for you, maybe try to loosen up the creaky ol’ joints in between Zooms with some yoga or a little stretching. If you’re super anti-meditation/yoga/generally connecting with the mind, spirit, etc., I’ve found it can be so helpful to at least plan a little bit of time in your day where you completely disconnect from schoolwork and do something that you enjoy and fully embrace the spring break mindset.

Maybe Talk To People

Maybe instead of that deep internal thinking, you’re defrosting from the winter and are looking to meet some new people! If so, you could go outside to study or relax and interact with some fresh faces. Or, you could try to connect with that study buddy from your class over Zoom, or text that old friend to FaceTime and catch up. Sometimes, making some space in your life for chill, no pressure conversations can be one of the best ways to unwind and hit the reset button.

Actually Take A Wellness Day?

If all else fails… try treating a Wellness Day as a true Wellness Day. If it doesn’t bring you wellness, don’t do it. And if your TF asks why you handed in your assignment late, (well then you can just tell them to go Well themselves) refer them to Harvard’s Wellness Day policy and hope for the best. The Zoom burnout is real, and sometimes it can feel like there’s not a lot of ways to escape the work you have to get done. Try even little things — skip that early office hour you don’t really need to go to, miss an optional (or not so optional) assignment, or just do *something* that reduces your stress, because you deserve it!

So, give yourself a week — or at least a day — where you do at least a few things things that makes you feel a little better, and not like a sad little train chugging along the tracks unenthusiastically. Channel some happy, speedy, adventurous train vibes and mix it up!

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