A Bucket List For Your 20s - The B.o.B Edition

Crimson Jam... they got Nothin On You.
Crimson Jam... they got Nothin On You. By Courtesy of Google Images

Harvard’s first concert is less than 24 hours away, and CEB has really brought the ~magic~ with B.o.B this year! The Atlanta-raised rapper has had quite the life, signing on a major-label at only 17 years old and leaving a mark on all late 90’s/early 00’s babies with “Airplanes” and “Nothin’ On You.” Imposter syndrome looking at his CV? Not to worry - Flyby is here to help you get caught up!

Start a podcast

You’d be hard pressed to find someone at Harvard that hasn’t recorded a podcast following the creative finals season during our Zoom school year, so this might be the easiest one to cross off. Grab a friend, pick a topic, and start talking. Just some ideas to get you rolling, from Crimson Jam 2021’s very own headliner B.o.B: Flat Earth, egos, and cloning. The real struggle will be coming up with a better podcast name than The B.o.Bcast.

Get a noise complaint on your dorm/apartment

Fun fact: B.o.B was almost evicted when crafting his album because of noise complaints. He played the music too loud and the walls were too thin. Now, he was about to release what would be a chart-topping album so maybe there’s a little more clout involved, but after walking around the river last weekend, I wonder how many Harvard students could already cross this one off their list?

Join the Flat Earthers Facebook Group

B.o.B is willing to die on this hill. It’s the closing line on his Wikipedia page. It may be less of a highlight on his resume, but it still makes up a part of B.o.B’s larger-than-life personality. So for the B.o.B. aficionados and imitators among our readership, we’ll happily serve as your gateway to the Flat Earthers Society. Click here to find your new community! (Disclaimer: Flyby is not affiliated with the Flat Earthers Society<3)

Write a diss track

Celebrities, they’re just like us. After Neil De Grasse Tyson publicly @’d B.o.B’s Flat Earth theories, B.o.B came back as only every other celebrity must: he wrote a diss track. Flatline, a song we pray makes it to the Crimson Jam setlist, really settled the least scathing celebrity tea of the 2010s when it said, “Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest.” B.o.B really did you all a service, setting the bar so low. We’ve seen harder digs on Harvard Confessions, so we have high expectations for you all. Pick your subject — perhaps the lines to Annenberg or your lecture’s overeager hand-raisers — and go off.

Launch a satellite into space

If it were May, we’d say catapulting anything beyond our orbit is far fetched and unattainable. But if Jeff and Elon can do it, what’s stopping Jefe’s-fueled Harvard students? After releasing Airplanes, B.o.B tried to raise $200,000 to send a spaceship into space to check if there were NASA employees guarding the edge of the world (are you catching the trend in his motivation?). While finances got in his way, lucky for you, you go to school at a small liberal arts college with a humble $41.9 billion endowment. Swing by the rocket club at the extracurricular fair, make a new bestie or two, snag some pieces of metal and fuel from the new SEAS building, and get crafting!

If you manage to check each of these off, like a true baddie, then you might as well be B.o.B. All you’re missing are a few Billboard 100 hits, but we can save that for your 30s bucket list. And if you need to brush up on your B.o.B raps, join the rest of Flyby’s team and listen to this playlist on repeat. We’ll see you at Crimson Jam tomorrow! It’s going to be So Good ;)

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