Overheard on FDOC: Spring 2023 Edition

By Kathryn S. Kuhar

As the day transitioned from ~light rain~ to full on snow storm (that may be a slight exaggeration), Harvard students experienced their first day of classes for the second and much more traumatizing exciting semester. First days are always memorable, and yesterday, Flyby Blog kept track of our favorite overheads from students around campus.

“If it’s hard now, it might get easier…it also might not *shrugs*” — Harvard’s world famous and highly supportive course staff

“Can we drink in class?”


“I meant coffee.”

— Student with eyebags, asking all the right questions

“This class is being recorded, but there are *uh* places where you can get PDFs of the textbook…” — Anonymous professor

*an array of gasps during an 8 a.m. meeting as a literal rat scurried across the floor in front of the course head*

“How did the first part of the course last semester go?”

*absolute silence*

— STEM professor #1

“So the trick to thinking in 26 dimensions is just to scrunch up your brain” — STEM professor #2

“What is the goal of this experiment? To burn the projection screen.” —STEM professor #43, looking to feel something again

“Timothy…chala…champagne or whatever” — Student in Mather dhall

“Mother Earth isn’t happy about FDOC either.” — unnamed blog chair

Witnessed in Chem 27:

flyby writer is scrolling through LinkedIn… immediately asked if she is a TF for the class.

*professor compares our economy to the Titanic*

“The Earth is a witch and men keep burning her.” — Anonymous flyby chair

“Hoping for a life upgrade this semester just like the Tommy’s sign.”

“Upgraded the sign like they upgrading their prices.”

— Two unnamed former chairs

“I was a piece of shit…” — Philosophy professor reading from an AITA post on Reddit

“I read Chaucer in the bath.” — Not an English professor

“Dua Lipa has done great things for literature.” — Definitely not an English professor

“Is it ok if I close the windows?”

“Why don’t you use that nice coat of yours instead?

— We’re really not sure about this one

“When did Fly-By (the not-as-cool one) close?”

“2:30, sorry.”

“I hate this school.”

— Girl covered in snow at 2:35 p.m. in Memorial Hall

“Do you have a pimple patch?

“Did you get a pimple?”

“No, but if I have to do all the work on this syllabus then I will”

— Hushed whispers in Cabot Library

“How did x course go?”

“Why would you ask such a thing”

— High chance that this is that section kid

“So, what are you guys doing this summer?” — That section kid.

*dead silence, dirty looks, and we presume a removal from a certain friend group chat*

Remember, even if you think no one can hear you, flyby’s always listening.


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