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Things To Ask Those Guys in Suits During Punch Season

Sure, they may look dapper, but I can’t help but have some questions. Are they going on an adventure on their scooter to a punch event… perhaps. But, I can also choose to believe that an even cooler destination is in store on a Tuesday evening. If you too want to ask some nicely dressed people a question as you contemplate your own life on your way to Lamont at 9 p.m., here are some starting points to get the convo flowing.

Flyby Ranks: Recruitment Methods of a Certain Semi-Secret Organization

Recruitment season has just ended and all the clubs have been hard at work looking for new members. From flooding email lists, offering free foods and drinks, to promising awesome merch, every single organization at Harvard is pulling out all the stops to woo new members.

Rest In Peace, Finance Bro Patagonias

Did you feel a shift in the universe as you donned your favorite salmon-shorts-plus-Canada-Goose prep casual combo? As of last week, Patagonia announced plans to “transition away” from adding additional non-removable logos to its products.

Guide to Visitas

Flyby Blog is proud to present our Guide to Visitas feature! Read on for tips and tricks on navigating Harvard's virtual welcome weekend.

Advice From: Class of 2021

Virtual Visitas feeling a bit overwhelming? Not really sure what this whole "college" thing is even about? After going through just about every up and down college has to offer, our senior writers are here with a few words of wisdom to pass along as their time at Harvard comes to an end.

Advice From: Class of 2024

Somehow, the Class of 2025 isn't the only one experiencing a totally virtual Visitas — Class of 2024 has been there, done that! Check out some of our freshmen writers with the inside scoop and helpful advice from the class that has truly done it all.

Flyby Ranks: Official Housing Day Video Rankings 2021

With the challenges of Covid-19, it’s safe to say that every single House stepped up to make a fire video in light of pandemic precautions and remote learning. And even if the video is slightly less-than-fire, it’s still worth getting hyped because each and every house has their own amazing perks. Dying to know who took this year’s crown? Without further ado, we present Flyby’s Official Housing Day Video Rankings for 2021.